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Azalea, possible problems in care


Azalea - one of the few spectacular bloomingPlants in the autumn-winter season. Flower shops offer a variety of colorful azaleas. And to keep from buying it is difficult. But at home, difficulties in care begin: the stems of the leaves are turning brown and crumbling, the buds are falling off, the plant is wilting.

Azalea will feel good only inLight cool, but not cold rooms. If the room is hot, dry air from central heating, then in such conditions it will simply wither, leaves and buds will be showered, and no spraying with water to increase the humidity of the air will help.

Azalea, like all rhododendrons, prefersAcid soil. The substrate can be bought in the store or prepared by yourself using 1 part of red peat and 1 part of pine needles, adding 1 g of chalk to 1 liter of the mixture.

To water azalea it is necessary soft soft (notIce) water, without lime. Rainy, snowy water will do. Watering the plant abundantly, it is necessary to allow the top layer of the earth coma to dry before proceeding to the next watering. With excessive moisture, the root system suffers and leaves fade. Once or twice a month in the watering water should be added lemon, ascorbic or oxalic acid, 0.3-0.4 g / l of water. If there is an overabundance of acid in the soil, the tips of the leaves acquire a reddish-violet color.

Watering the azalea in the pan, the soil, saturated with water,Pushes out air, and the plant begins to "choke," the leaves turn yellow, become stained, fade and crumble. Therefore, it is preferable to carry the irrigation from above or dip the pot into a container of water and allow excess moisture to flow. When the soil dries up in the pot, the first flowers wilt, then the buds that have not yet opened, the tips of the leaves grow brown.

To feed flowering azaleas it is necessary. In this case, fertilizers are used for plants that love acidic soil, for example, fertilizers for heath plants. Such fertilizers should not contain chlorine.

After flowering azalea, if necessary, cut off, transplanted into a new pot. The pot is chosen one size larger than the previous one.

In the spring, when the threat of damage to plants passesFrost, azalea can be "prikopat" with a pot in the garden, in the scattered shadow of the tree, so that there is no scorching sun. During the summer it should be watered and fed. By autumn, having rested, the plant will again pick up buds. Before freezing, the pot with azalea is excavated and brought into the house. With proper care, azalea will live a long time and please its many flowering seasons.

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