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Axiom joy

It often happens: like a man and has a loving family and a prestigious job, and health does not have to complain about - but there is no joy in life! Can we just forget simple as an axiom, "rules lucky?"

Think about the good. Most remember the joyful moments of life without regretting that they had passed - because happy memories remain with you forever!

dream, Build ambitious plans.

Learn to forgive. Do not lay up resentment and anger, do not carry over is that mountain. Know the best revenge - is to ignore it.

Enjoy what you are doing. For dinner, beautifully Serve table: the food - it's not just proteins, carbohydrates, and aesthetic taste delight. Exhausting workouts in the gym replace cycling - and benefit the body, and mood.

Never say to yourself: "I can not." You would think that any business you can not afford? Just start doing! Are you surprised to find that you can much more than thought.

Surround yourself with positive. Bright pen and notebook, funny house slippers,bright sweater - with such sweet little things you do not want to be sad. Visit the beauty salon, go raslablyatsya procedures that will help you lift your mood and vitality.

communicate longer with his family and friends. Arrange small family prazniki, trips to picnic with entertainment theme. I am glad and appreciate every moment of his life.

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