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How to awaken a woman


How to awaken a woman</a>

Many women are worried about their attractiveness - their eyes seem narrow, their nose is big, their hair is rare, and not at all beautiful. But the ideas about the attractiveness of men are completely different.

If a woman's face is dull, sad, spiteful, then a written beauty will scare away any man.

Relations between a man and a woman are built on the principle: how we serve ourselves, so they perceive us. The trouble with many women is that they underestimate themselves, do not know how to show their dignity.

Hence the problem of fatigue, loneliness of a woman.

When she is immersed only in her work, home chores and does not feel like a woman.

You will need

  • Schedule.
  • Aromas.
  • Positive environment.
  • Baths.
  • Masks.



First of all, we must love ourselves. And do not be afraid to pamper yourself. Is it difficult to get up in the morning, to ventilate the room, smile Yourself. And while making herbal tea, make a maskfor face. Of course, it's easy. Only you have to overcome your own laziness, and the results will not take long. You can complain about the full figure, the wrong features. But you must agree, a gloomy face and stoop do more harm to your appearance. Try to study yourself, evaluate your dignity. For example, if you have beautiful legs - open them, and hide the ugly ones. Thin waistline with a belt. If small hips, then hide them with a voluminous skirt. But remember: the main thing is to be natural. Do not try to fit in the standards of beauty. Sometimes it seems that the creators of any standards tend to only one thing - that women feel defective, miserable creatures. You are individual.The main thing is that you yourself want to see yourself beautiful, successful and attractive.


Learn to relax when you are alone with yourself. Allow Yourself Eat a bar of chocolate, listen to music orWalk in the park, listening to the singing of birds. Take care of your favorite business, look at the trouble from a positive point of view. After all, our lives are solid strips. The black bar replaces the white one, and vice versa. Pleasant thoughts attract joyful events. Surround yourself with only good people, get rid of envious people and gossip. The bulk of people are in constant trouble. There is not enough time for anything, either for yourself or for others. Try to rationalize your life. Describe your day. Identify the main points - work at work, work at home, regime moments and determine how long you will find yourself. Believe me, there is a time for you in such a list.


Very important for the sensuality of femininityAromas. Surround yourself with intoxicating smells, into which you are ready to dive. If you do not have the strength to do anything, you can help juniper or camphor oil. With pains help the oil of lavender, peppermint, lemon balm and lemon. Orange oil improves mood and gives vivacity. If you decide to spend the evening in an intimate atmosphere, then you will help the rose or neroli oil (bitter orange). By the way, neroli strengthens sexual desire. So, you must remember: to feel like a woman, you have to work on yourself a lot. Learn to present yourself so that you are admired and loved.

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