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How to avoid unnecessary spending in the holiday season

We try to save

Opening the summer season, plant, sow and plant trees right now for many of the original task.

I want to do everything right and still save money.

Avoid unnecessary expenses in the holiday season, significantly saving on the preparations of the garden of evil, fertilizers, as well as light and water, some tips can help.

You will need

  • - rainwater
  • - bow
  • - garlic
  • - Red pepper
  • - daisy
  • - The organic waste
  • - nettle
  • - Artemisia



Rainwater harvesting
Put all the barrels under the plum from the roof. In order to keep the barrel full of water closed to prevent dust, leaves, insects.


Proper watering
To moisture evaporates more slowly, do not water the plants in the heat. If possible, the best way to use a spray irrigation. With this irrigation water consumed in half.


Onion and garlic
Husks from onions or garlic, pour boiling water. In a bucket of water it takes approximately 200 g and infused one hour. Once a month, spray the plants. This tool copes well with the tongs, stalk and shovels.


Red hot peppers
Dissolve in 5 liters of cold water to 50 g of pepper. Insist solution is approximately three hours. Spray this solution cucumbers and cabbage, the affected tracks and cabbage moth.


Latency moisture in the ground
Use weeds, sawdust, last year's foliagemulching. Under this veil of moisture evaporates much more slowly. If your site light soils that quickly give moisture before planting the plants, add compost or ground rock flour.


Grind 300 g of leaves and chamomile flowers andpour 5 liters of water, leave for a few days. Means diluted before use with water 1: 2. Several times sprinkle the culture, affected by aphids, mites, small caterpillars, weevils, larvae of sawflies.


Choose lamps with solar batteries
During the day Lantern batteries charged by solar energy. In the evening, lights automatically turn on and illuminate the tracks in the country.


Nettles and wormwood
Chopped tops placed in plasticbowl, filling it to the third. Fill the tank water. Two or three times a day, the solution stirred for vaporized gas. Before fertilizing muck diluted 1:10. The solution of nettles and wormwood, a good dressing for any plant.


organic waste
In a box or in a hole just fold everythinglies at your feet, grass clippings, twigs, leaves, cleaning of vegetables and fruit, shells and other mineral debris. It will turn the compost is the perfect fertilizer for vegetable and berry plants.

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