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How to avoid unnecessary waste in the summer season


We try to save</a>

Opening the summer season, planting, sowing and planting trees is now an original task for many.

I want to do everything right and save at the same time.

Avoid unnecessary waste in the summer season, significantly saving on preparations from garden evil, fertilizers, and also on light and water, some tips will help.

You will need

  • - rainwater
  • - bow
  • - garlic
  • - Red pepper
  • - chamomile
  • - organic waste
  • - nettles
  • - wormwood



Rainwater harvesting
Put the barrels under all the plums from the roof. To prevent dust from entering the water, keep the leaves, insects, full barrels closed.


Proper watering
To moisture evaporate more slowly, do not water the plants in the heat. If possible, it is better to use the aerosol watering method. At such irrigation of water it is spent twice less.


Onion and garlic
Shepherd from onions or garlic fill with boiling water. A bucket of water is taken about 200 g and infused for one hour. Spray plants once a month. This remedy copes well with mites, stems and scoops.


Red bitter pepper
Dilute 5 liters of cold water 50 grams of ground pepper. Insist the solution for about three hours. Sprinkle with this solution cucumbers and cabbage, affected by caterpillars and cabbage scoop.


Moisture retention in the earth
Use weeds, sawdust, last year's foliageFor mulching the soil. Under such a cover, moisture evaporates much more slowly. If your soil has light soils that quickly give off moisture, add compost or stone flour to the ground before planting.


Grind 300 g of leaves and flowers of chamomile andPour 5 liters of water, infuse for several days. Dilute with water 1: 2 before use. Spray several times the cultures affected by aphids, mites, small caterpillars, weevils, larvae of the sawfly.


Choose solar-powered lamps
During the day, the batteries of the flashlights are charged with solar energy. In the evening, the lamps automatically turn on and illuminate the paths at the cottage.


Nettle and wormwood
Shredded tops put in plasticUtensils, filling it in third. Pour water into the container. Mix the solution two or three times a day in order to evaporate the gases. Before the dressing, dilute 1:10. A solution of nettles and wormwood, this is a good top dressing for any plant.


Organic waste
In a box or in a pit, put literally everything thatLies under your feet, sloping grass, branches, foliage, peeling from vegetables and fruits, shells and other useful garbage. Compost will be obtained, this is an excellent fertilizer for vegetable and berry plants.

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