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How to avoid tick bites

Beware of the tick bite

Summer is approaching, and the townspeople are already stretched to the forest or park.

But do not forget that the mites have opened the seasonhunting. When approaching an animal or person they are trying to cling to them and get to the open areas of skin on the neck, back or scalp.

Man can not immediately feel the bite of the tick because its saliva contains a pain killer substance.

Fear must not only ticks in the woods.

They are found in parks, and in addition, the tick can bring home with twigs, grasses and flowers.

But still try to avoid tick bites.

You will need

  • - Tight clothing
  • - repellents



If you're going to get dressed in the woodsaccordingly. It is better to wear a tight shirt and dress pants, cuffs on his wrists tightly grab the rubber band or tape. Shirt collar button, and tuck pants into boots. You can not go into the woods in sneakers, skirt and blouse with short sleeves.


It would be nice to use repellents thatwill deter ticks and other insects. Some of them are applied to the clothes, on the other body. However, children and pregnant women are allowed to apply repellents to clothing only. Keep these substances have not been put on the wounds and abrasions, as well as on mucous membranes. They are valid from 2 to 13 hours.


After visiting the forest, a trip to the country is required tocheck yourself, children, dog, cat. Not only the skin, the folds of skin and scalp. Carefully inspect clothes. This should be done in good light. If you find a tick, burn them or collect in a jar of kerosene, they are sold in hardware stores.


Do not dispose of ticks on the ground and push your feet. Even more dangerous to destroy ticks hands with dirty hands viruses can get on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth.


If still a mite bit into the body, it is bestask for help to doctors. But if this is not possible, then remove it very carefully, it is better to do it with tweezers. Try to remove the entire tick, not cutting off the proboscis. You can also drop to tick vegetable oil, it will be easier to be pulled out. If, however, remained the proboscis, try to remove it with a needle, after it ignited and cool.

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