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How to avoid a cold in the spring


How to avoid a cold in the spring</a>

In spring, the incidence of respiratory viral infections has traditionally increased.

To avoid a cold and not get sick, you should take care of the methods of prevention in advance.

Prevention of influenza, acute respiratory infections and ARVI

In the spring, the immunity is weakened. As a rule, many begin to suffer from vitamin deficiency. To avoid colds, flu and not get respiratory viral infections, take a course of multivitamin complexes as a prophylaxis. Persons suffering from chronic diseases, allergic reactions, pregnant women should receive a doctor's recommendation regarding the choice of vitamins.

If an epidemic of influenza has been declared in your area,It is worth taking care of strengthening immunity with the help of special pharmaceutical preparations. Interferon-based medications are ideal for adults and children.

Eat more vegetables and fruits. In citrus, vitamin C persists even in the spring. Two or three oranges a day will provide a daily rate and help to strengthen immunity.

Wash your face and hands thoroughly after visiting public places. During the epidemic, this will help reduce the risk of the disease and will be an excellent prevention of viral infection.

Observe the daily routine. Alternate work with rest. In the spring it is especially important. Sleep for at least eight hours. Lack of sleep contributes to the development of seasonal depression and most negatively affects the overall well-being.

Spend more time outdoors. The lack of sun during the long winter is one of the reasons for the decrease in immunity.

Keep a positive attitude

Dream not to be ill? Keep a positive attitude. According to statistics, cheerful and motivated people suffer much less often than those who are prone to spleen and negative mood. Spring is a time of change and it should bring only positive emotions. Then all diseases will bypass you.

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