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How to avoid overheating of your computer


Computer overheating</a>

The computer is a complex software and hardware complex, which, like any other technique, is susceptible to breakdowns.

A particularly negative factor is the increased temperature, which creates the prerequisites for overheating.

Each individual component of the computer hasIts threshold of sensitivity to overheating and the range of operating temperature. However, considering that the computer is a system, the failure of even one of its components can lead to a complete failure.

To avoid this, during its operation it is necessary to pay attention to some aspects.



Location:. Try to place the system unit in a wellVentilated place. Air intakes on it should have enough space to ensure the influx of fresh air. To do this, do not install it close to the walls or partitions of the room or next to the heating batteries (heating devices).


Dustiness. If you do not wipe the dust in the room andPeriodically do not clean the inside of the system unit from it, it will gradually accumulate on the surfaces of the installed microcircuits, disks and penetrate into all its corners. Dust has a low thermal conductivity, thereby preventing heat removal and cooling. Keep the room clean. Systematically open the cover of the system unit to clear it of accumulated dust. Do it conveniently with a compressed air cylinder or a vacuum cleaner in the "blow-out" mode.


Cooling. Buying a computer assembly or collecting itOn your own, remember that an effective cooling system of its components must be built in order to efficiently remove heat in the system unit. The warmest of them - the central and graphic processors - should have massive radiators (preferably from copper). When using air cooling, pay attention to the design of the system unit, the presence of a sufficient number of fixtures for the installation of fans, an organized scheme of air flows. It is recommended to use fans with a diameter of 120 mm, providing a larger airflow and producing less noise.


Control. It is recommended that you periodically checkTemperature of the main components of the system unit, so that it does not exceed the critical values. After assembling and setting up a new computer, be sure to take control of the most heated parts. Use special utilities to view the current temperature values ​​and display the prerequisites for overheating. For example, AIDA32, HWInfo, HDTune and other programs distributed free of charge.

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