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How to avoid freckles and age spots


Spring Beauty</a>

In the spring, we all want to set our face under the tender rays of the sun.

But you have to be very careful, the spring sunNot so harmless, it seems, moreover, the sun in the spring mercilessly burns the skin of the face tired for the winter, leaving on it pigmentary spots and freckles.

Therefore, it is desirable to wait with sunburn, ahead of the whole three summer months.

And to avoid the appearance of freckles, use the following tips.



To protect yourself from the sun, before going out, use a zinc ointment instead of the make-up cream, which must be applied very thinly.


In order to avoid freckles and pigmentedSpots, every day, morning and evening, wipe the face with ice cubes from the infusion of parsley. One bunch of parsley greens pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 20-30 minutes, strain and pour into ice forms.
A similar effect can be obtained by rubbing your face with lemon slices.


If you spend a lot of time in the air, for example, twice a day, go for a walk with a child, try to prepare yourself a spring protective cream.
Whisk 1 egg white, add to it 25 gr. Glycerin, 50 g. Cologne and 20 g. Loose powder. The resulting cream is applied like a zinc ointment with a very thin layer.


If the appearance of freckles was not prevented, try using a special bleaching mask.
In a small cup, thoroughly mix 15 gr. Yeast with a teaspoon of lemon juice, then put a cup with the resulting mass for 2-3 minutes in a bowl of hot water, then apply the mask on your face and hold for 20 minutes, after this time, rinse the mask with tea solution.

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