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How to avoid an ecological catastrophe

How to avoid an ecological catastrophe

Industry today is developing very actively and determines the pace of development of modern society.

However, rapid growth in production had a negative impact on the environment, so the question of approximation of environmental disaster from day to day is becoming more urgent.

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  • Methods for calculating the coefficients of contamination and concentration



The needs of man and his desire to growEvery day more and more. This process is almost impossible to stop. Hundreds of thousands of factories for the production of various goods and processing of various types of fuel annually increase the volume of production and, as a consequence, the volume of hazardous waste into the atmosphere. On average for the year to the atmosphere of our planet gets more than 190 million tons of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide). Stop emissions is impossible, because our society is at the stage of development when we are completely dependent on line production and refining. It is therefore necessary to improve the treatment system on the enterprises themselves.


cleaning level is determined by the size ofmaximum permissible emissions, that is, the amount of emitted pollutants into the atmosphere, which will ensure that their concentration in the surface layer of the atmosphere, not to exceed the maximum allowable rate of a given pollutant for a given territory. All methods of treatment of fugitive emissions are divided into regenerative (allow to return to the production of emission components) and destructive (transformed into less harmful components).


But do not forget that no less a contributionto atmospheric pollution and make mobile emission sources, ie cars. The share of emissions from transport increased by 40% over the last two years (2009 and 2011). Many environmentalists, scientists isolated the main ways of reducing the environmental impact of transport, measures such as: optimization of urban vehicular traffic, the development of alternative sources of topliva- creation (modification) engines that use alternative fuels.


In order to avoid ecological disaster, Modern society is necessary if you do notcompletely eliminate the road transport, is to minimize emissions from it. Work on this issue are held all over the world and are already yielding some results. Cars manufactured now in developed countries, emit harmful substances into the tens of times less than 10-15 years ago. In all countries there is tighter control of harmful emissions during engine operation. There is a quantitative and tightening standards and their qualitative change.

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