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How to avoid disqualification

How to avoid disqualification

Obtaining the rights to drive the car? it is certainly a major step, making that, you become the driver of a pedestrian in.

From now on, you start to think and act differently on the road.

Now you ? whoever nerve signals pedestrian, ran across the street in the wrong place.

And from now on you are additional responsibilities as the driver of the vehicle.

A violation of the established safety rules threaten not only unpleasant fines, but also the deprivation of a driver's license. That you are not deprived of a driving license, it is not necessary to do the following:



Driving a car without state numbers, and set him false numbers and manage them with forged government numbers.


Driving a car, in which:

? installed lighting fixtures that do not meet the admission requirements of-vehicles

? without the permission set and the device used to supply special light and sound signalov-

? illegally deposited tsvetograficheskie schemes operational services vehicles.


Driving a car and transfer management of the person in a state of intoxication.


Exceeds the set speed limit by more than 60km / h.


Cross the railway crossing on the red light, stop and stand on the move and traverse it in a non-designated places.


Merge onto the oncoming lane, carrying traffic towards transport stream.


Do not give way to cars with a special color and included spetssignalami.


Violate the rules of carriage of goods (hazardous, bulky, heavy).


To refuse a medical examination on the state of alcoholic intoxication.


Leave the place of the accident.


Violate traffic rules and operation of the vehicle, which could result in the infliction of light and medium gravity harm to the health of persons injured.


If, however, you make any of the above violations, remember three things:

? for driving without a license on the violator imposed a fine of 5,000 rubles or administrative arrest for 15 sutok-

? the decision on deprivation of a driver's license may be issued only sudom-

? the statute of limitations for violations of traffic rules is 2 months.

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