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Avoiding shtrafstojanki

With many people, this situation happened, when their car was taken to the car pound.

In this case, nothing can be done and have to pay a fine.

But there are some tricks that will help to avoid such a situation.

You will need



You forgot the documents for the right to drive home. You have exactly 3 hours for the fact that these documents provide. You can ask your relatives or friends you bring them.


You drank and got behind the wheel. Deprivation of the right, you can not escape, but the machine can not send to the parking lot. It is enough to call a friend who has a right. He then can deliver your car to the house.


If you can not read the signs at issue. Suffice it here also, when inspector, wipe the sign - and the occasion of the day shtrafstojanki will disappear by itself.


The inspector says that the car is faulty. Require the inspector to produce such a document. An employee would not it exactly. Then, if he insists on the evacuation, then tell me, that they agree to make the examination of the machine, but only by the traffic police. In this police officer will not go.


If the car pound is inevitable. Invite witnesses in their presence, make a certificate in which specify the state of the machine.

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