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How to avoid aggression behind the wheel

Aggression at the wheel

In fact, half of heavy road accidents on the roads occur because of too aggressive driver behavior.

It so happens that in the morning you have time to spoil the mood, such as a quarrel with a neighbor in the parking lot can lead to disaster.

Therefore it is necessary to calm down and not to respond to the aggressive behavior of other drivers.



Always try to travel on business with a stocktime early. Fora time in at least half an hour will give you the opportunity to feel comfortable even in a traffic jam, do not be aggressive on the road and not to respond to provocations of other motorists.


Deliberately force yourself to slow down and skip forward aggressively, climber to break the neighbor. Can people really in a hurry, maybe he has a wife gives birth to kindergarten or child does not have time.


Similarly, should come aboutcrosswalk, even if a pedestrian is already lit the red light, and my grandmother just put her foot on the zebra crossing. No need to honk and plants, think about how you will behave at this age.
And over time, you do not have to force yourself to calm down, it will be a reflex.


But if the traffic situation is still provokedan explosion of emotions, the nerves going through the roof, you should act immediately, until there was a serious accident. At such times, it is better to stop at the curb or the curb, turn on the hazard warning lights and at least five minutes, sit quietly, listen to peaceful and quiet music. Or simply count to a hundred, his eyes closed. Alternatively, you can leave the car and take a breath of fresh air, it also helps to calm down.

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