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How to avoid aggression while driving


Aggression at the wheel</a>

In fact, half of the heavy traffic accidents on the roads are due to the drivers' too aggressive behavior.

It happens that since the morning you already managed to spoil the mood, for example a quarrel with a neighbor in the parking lot can lead to misfortune.

Therefore, we must calm ourselves and not respond to the aggressive behavior of other drivers.



Try to always go on business with a marginTime, early. Handicap by the time at least half an hour will give you the opportunity to feel calm even in traffic jams, not to show aggression on the road and not respond to provocations of other motorists.


Knowingly force yourself to slow down and let forward an aggressive neighbor climbing to the break. Can really hurry man, maybe his wife gives birth or in kindergarten for the child does not have time.


Similarly, you shouldPedestrian crossing, even if the pedestrian has already lit a red light, and the grandmother just put her foot on the zebra. Do not need to beep and start, think about how you will behave at this age.
And in time you do not have to force yourself to calm down, it will happen reflexively.


But if the road situation still provokedThe explosion of emotions, the nerves are off scale, you should act immediately, until serious incidents have occurred. At such moments, it is better to stop at the curb or at the sidewalk, turn on the alarm and at least sit quietly for five minutes, listen to quiet and calm music. Or just count to a hundred, closing your eyes. As an option, you can get out of the car and get some fresh air, this also helps to calm down.

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