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Autumn boots: fashion trends

Autumn boots: fashion trends

Each fashionable collection in its own way is autumn women's boots.

But the ladies' fashion footwear trends change quite fast, so hard to keep up with them.

Despite this fashionistas interested in the question of what kind of boots will be trendy this fall.

Fashion model

Military boots. They are perfectly suited for the rainy season. Perhaps that is why this shoe keeps the leading position for more than one season. In their view this kind of fall boots reminiscent of those worn by the military. Autumn rain and dirt they are not afraid, because of tight skin and practicality. They will look great in combination with jeans and add her mistress masculinity.
Rubber boots with cheerful colors. These boots are absolutely suitable for any season, but the most relevant, they become the fall, as the perfect protection from the rainy weather. The great advantage of these boots is that they do not require special care and look very stylish. Wearing their best with jeans and a sweater or jacket.
Fur boots. Fur is always fashionable, whether it is used in clothing or being part of the shoe. Fur insert perfectly complements the leather, black, white or cream color.
Knee-high boots. High shoe just above the knee is still relevant. The woman they always look stylish, fashionable and feminine. They may be on the heels, wedges or platform - depending on the preferences of the hostess. High boots are ideal for autumn weather, and if they fill the pants, they remain clean.
Ankle. This is one of the most sought-after models. Fashion shows are full of the most different variations. Relevant not only classics, but also unusual models with cutouts on the toe, interesting braids and fringes. Not bad, if the boots are decorated with decorative elements. It can be leather or fur inserts, or a combination of different colors and shades.

How to choose the boots for fall

Patience. Do not rush and do not buy the first available pair of shoes. Remember, shoes should be not only warm and waterproof, but also comfortable.
Material. It is best to stay on the skin of the models. That's just a statement that the skin over time will be pulled, it is wrong and it is not necessary to them when choosing.
Do not forget to wear. Going to the store, taking the socks that you plan to wear shoes. When purchasing be guided by the size to wear, so that later do not feel discomfort.
Quality. This notion could not be better associated with comfort. But the quality, as a rule, have to pay. Therefore, the pursuit of low prices when buying boots autumn unacceptable.

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