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AUTO SCENT own hands

Auto-flavor with their hands

Sale in showrooms flavors consist essentially of one chemistry, so their smell often very harsh.

These flavors are very harmful and are not cheap.

For your comfort, the better to make a natural flavor.

You will need

  • - A small jar with a lid (you can from the old flavor)
  • - Foil or food film
  • - baking soda
  • - Essential Oil
  • - toothpick



If the bank is not the flavor of the old, it is necessary10-15 make holes in the lid of the jar. If the cover is a metal can make holes with a nail and a hammer, and if plastic, then carefully with a knife.


Pour the bottom layer of soda cans around one finger.


Add 30 drops prepared in their preferences essential oil.


Tighten the foil (or film) on the jar and carefully smoothed it. Close lid.


Toothpick prepared to do a lot of holes in the foil. The flavor is ready to use.

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