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HOW do audio speakers

How to make audio speakers

Almost everyone loves to listen to music. Everyone has different tastes for music, but all need audio speakers for listening to your favorite music.

You can buy equipment in the store.

But why spend money to buy expensive equipment, if possible with their own hands to give a second life to old column.

How to do it?

You will need

  • acrylic, wood, plastic, bolts, screws, adhesive, sealant, old column, wires, a soldering iron.



The first thing you need to check the old columnof operation. Carefully review the arrangement of wires. After that, proceed to the analysis of the old building. All wires must be carefully removed from the grooves. Try the old building was disassembled and not break because you can accidentally damage the wires or speakers themselves. Examine the condition of the wires. they must be replaced with new ones when necessary. In no case do not tear off the old wires. They need to be carefully unsolder, clean place and solder spikes new.


Now you need to think about a new case for yourcolumn. First of all, decide the material from which the body will be executed. For this purpose, suitable acrylic, wood, plywood, plastic - you choose. It all depends on where and under what conditions will be in your column. Because wood is easiest to make the body, as this material is easily processed. The body of Plexiglas will look very beautiful and unusual.


Think about the future shape of the body. Make a detailed drawing. From the correctness of the drawing will depend on the success of the manufacture of the box. The fewer errors and inaccuracies in the drawing, the less damaged material. Manufacture all parts for the body. Make the first fitting. Check to see if they fit snugly together. If everything fits, start the assembly. When connecting the components, you can use nails, screws or glue. Collect all the items except the rear wall of the housing.


Install the speaker in the front wall of the box. Attach it via the sealant to escape from tiny gaps in the joint. Thereafter gently lay the wire in the housing. They do not have much to bend and break in two. It is best to fix them within the housing. The hole through which the wire will be displayed, you need to pave the gasket. Then attach the rear wall of the housing and test the speakers made.

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