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How to Attract Men

Our modern men no longer than a surprise. Assertive and open them to the woman is not interested, and they try to avoid them.

How then can it be?

How to attract a man?



Be myself. No need to hide your "I" for the hundreds of masks. Concealing his true colors, you can only worsen your situation. Begin a relationship with integrity.


Be confident. Men, as a rule, are not afraid of women who are not shy about eye contact, and are confident in its success.


Be nice. Men - creatures who love eyes. Not all men are attracted to a certain type, but still worth it to watch your appearance. Treat your hair, apply a light, discreet makeup, know how to dress. This at times will increase your chances to attract a man.


Be free. Do not be afraid to speak pleasant words and compliments. Make it clear to him that he is beautiful and tastefully dressed, you like his sense of humor. Men - like children, they love when they are praised. But do not fall asleep complimenting a man, repeat them several times in a few days, so as not to lose the finesse and not come to flattery.


Choose the right perfume. Choose only high-quality perfume. It should be easy and unobtrusive. Scent can affect the behavior, elevate mood, suppress the desires and excite.

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