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How to attract customers in a clothing store

How to attract customer in clothing store

Boutiques with clothes open at everycorner, and the challenge is to attract customers to your store is very important. From the first days of work, during the opening, you need to prove yourself and to draw the attention of buyers.

Naturally, policies and methods of attracting customers need to think in advance.



Of course, using all the traditional methods that exist: ads, advertisements, banners. Draw for registration scoreand professional designers and train staff. It is an indispensable component of successful trading.


Use a good excuse, as the opening of a new scoreand to immediately appeal to and attract buyers. Natural human curiosity will cause the residents of nearby houses and just passersby or passing on purpose, to come in and see what's new and interesting things you can offer them. Your task - to give them a reason to return to score more than once.


At the opening scoreand who came to hand out gift certificates. since scoree garments average purchase price is1500-2000 rubles, the amount of the certificate may be small, but challenging for the purchase of any one thing. Suffice it to 300 rubles. Such a certificate is guaranteed to make the person to make a purchase, even if not on the opening day, but later. This method can also be used during other promotions.


Well proven and accumulation systemof discounts or reward points, which the buyer gains proportional to the cost of purchased goods. Even a small, initial 3% discount will be an incentive to buy clothes it in your scoree. And the opportunity to receive further discount of 5-10% would be an effective way to attract a large number of buyers.


If the clothes are sold in your scoree refers to the "luxury" category, exceptappropriate entourage, use to attract customers this efficient little thing like a cup of coffee. This is, firstly, allow shoppers to relax, sit quietly, relax and spend more time in your scoree, and secondly, emphasize the charm of your establishment and increase its prestige in the eyes of buyers.

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