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How to attract a client to a clothing store


How to attract a client to a clothing store</a>

Boutiques with clothes open literally on eachCorner, and the task of attracting customers to your store becomes very relevant. From the first days of work, during the opening, you need to prove yourself and pay attention to customers.

Naturally, the policy and methods of attracting clients need to be thought through in advance.



Of course, use all those traditional methods that exist: ads, ads, banners. Bring to the design scoreBut professional designers and train staff. This is an indispensable component of the success of trading activities.


Use such a wonderful occasion as the opening of a new scoreBut to immediately appeal and attract buyers. Natural human curiosity will make residents of nearby houses and just passers-by or passing by specially, go and see what's new and interesting you can offer them. Your task is to give them a reason to return to score Still more than once.


At the opening scoreAnd distribute gift certificates to the visitors. Since in scoreE clothing average purchase price is1500-2000 rubles, the amount of the certificate may be small, but it stimulates the acquisition of a thing. Enough will be 300 rubles. Such a certificate is guaranteed to force a person to make a purchase, even if not on the opening day, but later. This method can be used for other advertising campaigns.


Well proven and the accumulation systemDiscount discounts or prize points, which the buyer collects in proportion to the value of the purchased goods. Even a small, initial 3% discount will serve as an incentive to purchase clothes in your scoreE. The opportunity to receive a discount in the future to 5-10% will be an effective way to attract a large number of buyers.


If the clothes sold in your scoreE, belongs to the category "luxury", thenAppropriate entourage, use to attract buyers such an effective trifle as a cup of coffee. This, first, will allow the customer to relax, sit quietly, relax and spend more time in your scoreE, and secondly, emphasize the charm of your institution and increase its prestige in the eyes of buyers.

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