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How to attract butterflies to the garden

Flowers grown in your own garden pleasing to the eye, but they bring more fun if attract butterflies.

Pick plants that will bloom magnificently and distribute sweet aromas attract these beautiful insects.

In order to attract butterflies to your gardenlot, enough to pick up a few species of plants, the scent of which will delight you, and captivate these wonderful creatures. Arrange a bed in a sunny area of ​​your garden - Butterflies love the sun. Also take care about the source of water, the butterflies are in need of it.

Note heliotrope - the flowerlush inflorescence, consisting of small flowers, similar to serenevoe cloud. Butterflies are attracted its sweet aroma of vanilla. You should be careful: some species heliotrope contain toxic substances. On the cultivation of heliotrope should take care in advance, in March, it is necessary to plant the seeds for seedlings.

If you are in the area is growing sedum prominent, it would also be attractive to butterflies. His huge pink inflorescences are surrounded by butterflies, although its flavor is not visible to man.

But allisuma honey aroma, very bright andsugary, will not go unnoticed or butterflies, or you. One of the benefits of this plant - it can be planted directly into the ground in May. Alyssum quickly gives inflorescences, which are butterflies flock.

Butterflies also choose the colors of red, orange andblue shades. Put on your site high delphinium blue palette, or create a meadow of orange marigolds, which are very unpretentious. Choose colors that match the needs of the climate. Find a suitable place for them (the sun or partial shade), and then your garden alive with butterflies flown.

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