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How to fix the trunk

How to fix the trunk

Quite often, car owners experienced difficulties associated with the lack of space in the trunk.

The most convenient option in this case isinstallation of additional roof rack that will not only take the road more things, but also improve the appearance of the vehicle.

The car will receive a finished appearance and greater functionality.

You will need

  • - L-shaped key-
  • - Plastic key-
  • - Hexagons.



Before installing boot onthe roof of the car, clean it from dust and dirt. Being in the roof railing for a long time may cause that the color of the paint under construction will be different from the primary color, that is, the machine will burn in the sun. Such a defect is easy to remove by means of polishing.


During the installation, insert the boot on the carplastic key is available in the special hole on the roof. After that, turn it clockwise 90 degrees until you hear a click.


Then remove the bearing cover and insert into the slotarc fasteners. Secure support in an arc by a cam. To do this, it pre-press up to the arc. After assembly is complete arc attach it to try on the car roof. Before trunk try to adjust the position of the cam so as to support the arc in its width equals the width of the vehicle roof.


Located on the arcs secure support so thattheir pillows were located towards the center of the vehicle in the 1-1.5 cm closer than the intended place of installation of the trunk. Then tighten the mounting using the L-wrench. They must be securely fastened. Then cut gasket made of rubber, check that it corresponds to the size, and then insert it at the trunk of the arc.


On top mounted arc snapplastic cap. Also, close the cover support for this key is a plastic insert in the cover slot and rotate counter-clockwise 90 degrees until it clicks.


To install or remove the clamp on the support,remove the existing bolt. During this process, it is important to hold the hand cylindrical mortgage, because quite often when loosening the bolt, it jumps. Then insert and tighten the clamp bolt. Stick the label on the back side of the support.

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