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How to attach a sink


Installation of the sink - it's not tricky</a>

Installing the sink is a completely straightforward process, which everyone can do.

If you decide to upgrade your bathroom and replace it with plumbing, do not be afraid to do it yourself.

Knowing a few simple nuances, you can perfectly cope with installing the equipment yourself, without resorting to anyone's help.



Pick up Sink Under the dimensions of your bathroom, make sure thatIt will not perform, and its shape is convenient for you to install. Ask the consultant about the possible difficulties in installing this model, whether it uses conventional fastener systems, or you need to buy additional mounting equipment. If any tools are really not enough, get it and proceed with the installation process.


Attentively approach to process of connectionSewage and the shell itself. Attach the connecting hose or pipe so that the water can not spread beyond it. Check this under great pressure, for example, fill Sink Water, holding the hole with the palm of your hand, and when there is already a lot of water, open the sink and see how the pipe handles its work.


Follow the installation diagram of your shell,If you have already installed a plumber, do not rely on the uniformity of all its types. Many types of shells have a complex system of fastening with a wall, as, for example, in apartments with plastic walls, a shell can simply break it if it is screwed incorrectly.

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Repeatedly check how the siphon is connected to theSewerage. A special siphon system prevents penetration of the smell from the sewer into the apartment. If you do not fix it well enough, you will soon have a small and not very pleasant smell of surprise.


Measure the length of the spout when installing the mixer. The main thing in this process is accuracy, in case of incorrect calculations, the tap will not give water, and everything will have to be done first. Therefore, follow the instructions strictly, and everything will go like clockwork.

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