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How to attach the sink

Installation of sink - it's not tricky

Setting shell - quite simple process that can implement each.

If you decide to update your bathroom and replace plumbing, do not be afraid to do it with their own hands.

Knowing a few simple nuances that you would do well to install the equipment themselves, without resorting to any help.



Pick shell under the size of your bathroom, make sure thatit will not act, and its form is convenient to install it from you. Ask your consultant about possible problems installing this model, whether it uses the conventional mounting system, or the need to buy additional mounting hardware. If any instruments and the truth is not enough, you can purchase it and start the installation process.


Carefully approach the process connectiondrain and sink itself. Attach the connecting hose or pipe so that water can not spread beyond it. Check it out under high pressure, for example, fill shell water, holding the hole with his hand, and when the water is already typed a lot, open the drain and see the handle pipe with his work.


Follow the installation diagram is your shell,if you have ever put plumbing, do not look for uniformity in all its forms. Many types of shells have a complex system of fixing to the wall, as, for example, in the apartments plastic-coated walls, sink might just Dig it if it is wrong to tie.

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Repeatedly check is connected to the siphonsanitation. Special siphon system prevents entry into the apartment the smell of sewage. If it is not good enough to fix, in a short time you will find a small and not very pleasant smelling surprise.


Measure the length of the spout during the installation of the mixer. The main thing in this process - it's accuracy, tap water does not file with the incorrect calculations, and everything will have to do first. Therefore, strictly follow the instructions and everything goes like clockwork.

How to attach & lt-strong & gt-sink & lt- / strong & gt-

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