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How to fix the shelf

Regiment of any design can be mounted so that it sagged at least a century

Wooden shelf bears the load as the aesthetic, and purely functional - in the form of books, utensils or any other items surface to which it serves.

If hinged shelf revealed the need tothe room is well renovated, the installation work is necessary to carry out carefully, because any unsuccessful attempts to leave behind visible traces on the wall.

You will need

  • 1. Mounting bracket (2 pieces)
  • 2. Electric drill
  • 3. Drill average diameter
  • 4. Self medium diameter (4-8 pieces)
  • 5. Pencil



Get accustomed to her room and decide on a wall and in which its place of hanging shelves will be placed comfortably and look good in a general context. It is better to take a very shelf and fasten it to the area of ​​the wall where you intend, it will hang. If a new item into the interior - you can safely get to work.


Inspect shelf and determine whether there were on it anypossibilities for fastening. If not, you have to do a standard suitable for any wooden shelves procedure. To do this, head to the hardware store or on the market and buy two or three metal brackets suitable value.


Place the mounting bracket to the rear left edgeshelf surface so that upon contact with the wall it is its vertical part tightly to her. Take a pencil and make a mark on the shelf (in the form of a dot or a small circle) - through a hole in the corner. Then just tip the second corner to the right edge of the shelf and put a mark on the side.


Take a drill and drill a small diameter,drill into the surface of the shelf two holes - in those places where you made the mark. Then again, each side, one area and connect it to the shelf by means of a long screw is not very suitable diameter (to choose the screw is easy on the eyes). Do the same with the second corner, and your shelves hinged mounting system is ready.


Apply shelf the wall at the desired location once again, lockher in exactly the position in which it will then be located. Take a pencil and draw marks - this time in the wall - in those places where the corners are screwed (through holes in them). Using a drill and drill bit the same as that for attaching to the shelf parts, drill holes in the wall (by removing shelf aside), in areas that you mentioned.


Place the shelf against the wall again and now Screw the corners towall using the knockout holes. Try to twist the screws slowly so that they both can be firmly entered into the surface and not staggered in the process of twisting. If this operation is successful, then go ahead and put on your new shelf that is not found to this point in your room - it is ready for operation.

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