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How to fix the shelf


The shelf of any design can be fixed so that it depends on the whole century</a>

Wooden shelf carries a load of both aesthetic and purely functional - in the form of books, dishes or any other objects, the surface for which it serves.

If the need for a hanging shelf was found inThe room is well repaired, then the installation work will have to be done carefully, because any unsuccessful attempts will leave behind a noticeable traces on the wall.

You will need

  • 1. Mounting bracket (2 pieces)
  • 2. Electric drill
  • 3. Drill of medium diameter
  • 4. Self-cutters of medium diameter (4-8 pieces)
  • 5. Pencil



Look closely at your room and decide on which wall and in what place the hanging shelf will be located comfortably and look good in a general context. For this, it is better to take Shelf And put it to that part of the wall surface where, as you suppose, it will hang. If the new part fits into the interior - you can safely get down to work.


Inspect Shelf And determine if there are anyPossibilities for fastening. If not, then you have to do a standard procedure, suitable for any wooden shelf. To do this, go to the hardware store or to the market and buy two or three metal corners of the appropriate size.


Attach the mounting bracket to the rear left edgeThe surface of the shelf so that when it comes into contact with the wall, it will fit snugly against its vertical part. Take a pencil and make a mark on the shelf (in the form of a dot or a small circle) - through the hole in the corner. Then, just put the second corner to the right edge of the shelf and put a mark on the other side.


Take a drill and a small diameter drill,Drill two holes in the surface of the shelf - in the places where you made the marks. Then reattach one corner and attach it to the shelf with a not very long self-tapping screw of the appropriate diameter (to pick up the screw easily by eye). Do the same with the second corner, and the fastening system of your hanging shelf is ready.


Attach Shelf To the wall in the selected place again, fixIts in exactly the position in which it will then be located. Take a pencil and mark - this time on the wall - in the places where the corners will be screwed (through the holes in them). Using a drill and the same bit as for attaching the corners to the shelf, drill holes in the wall (removing Shelf Aside), in the places that you marked.


Attach Shelf To the wall again and now screw the corners toWall, using the holes made. Try to screw the self-tapping screws smoothly, so that they enter as hard as possible into the surface and do not stagger in the process of twisting. If this operation is successful, then safely put on your new shelf something that did not find this place in your room - it is ready for operation.

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