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How to attach a monitor to a laptop


How to attach a monitor to a laptop</a>

Approximately half of laptop owners do not likeWork for their computers. First and foremost, this is due to the fact that with prolonged work behind the laptop, the back begins to numb, hands and hands hurt.

That is why the solution of such inconveniences is the connection of the monitor to the laptop.

How much does a monitor and cable for attaching to a laptop

To begin with, you should find or buy a monitor,As well as a special cord. Monitor you can buy in any online store or in a home appliance store in your city. The cost of the monitor will slightly impact your budget - depending on the purpose of the monitor (for enjoying computer games, working with graphic and text editors, etc.) will also change its cost. For example, on average, a normal monitor with a diagonal of 17-19 inches will cost you 4500-5500 rubles. If you want to buy a heaped monitor, then its cost can reach 10-12 thousand rubles. That's why it's better to buy either a simple monitor for attaching it to a laptop or already look for a stationary computer that meets all your requirements.
A cable that allows you to attach a monitor to your laptop will cost you 500-900 rubles.

How to connect a monitor to a laptop

Plug one end of the cable into a special connector,Located on the back of the monitor. Connect the other end to the same connector on the laptop. It is simply impossible to make a mistake and plug in the wrong cable.
After you connect the monitor and laptop,Make the setting. If you have a Windows 7 operating system on your laptop (recently such an OS is preinstalled on most laptops), right-click on the desktop and select the "Screen Resolution" section in the pop-up menu that pops up. Then select the required settings in the window that opens.
If you want the desktop to be displayedOnly on the monitor, you need to select the item "Display the desktop only for 2". When you connect the monitor to a laptop as per the standard, the desktop will be displayed on both the laptop screen and the monitor. You, of course, can leave such settings, but, most likely, duplicate desktop display on the laptop screen will greatly distract you.
You will also need to adjust thescreen resolution. When the monitor is connected, it is best to select the resolution of 1152x864. If you select a different resolution, the desktop will be too stretched, and the icons on it will be large. But by and large this is a matter of taste.

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