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How to fix a fishing line on the spool


How to fix a fishing line on the spool</a>

When purchasing a new spinning coil or simply replacing the old forest with a coil, it is necessary to perform a number of actions, observing a certain order and sequence.



Fasten the spool to the spinning rod. It is not necessary to wind the fishing line on the coil before installation, because in this case you risk getting its tangling, beards, the formation of spirals. Proper winding should be done on a coil pre-installed on the spinning rod.


Pull the fishing line through the guide ringsSpinning. To do this, take the reel with a fishing line and pull the free end of the fishing line through the smallest upper ring of the spinning, then pass through the next and so on until the free end of the line reaches the coil spool. Pass the line in this sequence, beginning "from the end" of the rod. This will produce high-quality winding. Reaching the spool, fix the fishing line, creating a special loop on its end, which is put on the spool and tightened by pulling the line.


Provide low resistance during winding,To avoid twisting the line. We attach a bobbin with a fishing line on a pencil. Invite an assistant who will keep this reel with a fishing line. To create resistance, you can use other methods, for example, putting a reel in your pocket. Today there are special devices for winding fishing lines on the spinning reel, which are sold in the store. They allow you to adjust the resistance when winding the line on the coil. Do not create too much resistance, because This can also lead to the creation of loops.


Open the handle of the woodcutter and tie the lineTo the spool. To do this, at its end, create a tight loop and put it on the spool so that the loop is tightened by pulling. Then slowly wrap the line on the spool. Winding the line by slow turns of the spool, the line during the winding should be slightly stretched.

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