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How to attach the kitchen

How to attach the kitchen

The need for an extension to the house there is a kitchen is much more common than many people think.

At the same time, even with little experience in the construction of this extension it is possible to produce on their own.

However, there some set of theoretical knowledge can not hurt.



To begin with - the plan.
It is not necessary to erect the kitchen in the form of an extension to the house at random, not amounting topre exact plan. It is necessary to commensurate the size of the future size of the kitchen to the house, to take into account the further mount joints, as well as the roof. Also, do not forget to mention that any communication be in your kitchen-annexe, and how you plan to spend.


The cornerstone - the foundation.
The most important rule that you shouldremember forever in the construction of an extension - its foundation should be similar to the foundation of the house. At the same time, we recall that especially important for the stability of the entire structure is a type of foundation, which is determined depending on the type of soil.


Waterproofing in the construction of an extensionincredibly important. In this regard, special attention, we urge you to pay conjugation of the roof extension and at home. In this case the slope of the roof extension is better to make more than the slope of the roof of the house, right in the winter it will not accumulate rain and will quickly drain away rainwater.

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