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Attach the frame house can be quickly and inexpensively

A great way to increase the number of residential square meters? making framework extension to the house.

This option is an extension to the house has a lot ofpros: building is inexpensive, the time it takes not much attack as the building is light enough that it does not shrink and does not require any device powerful foundation.



Frame technology involves two options: panel and the frame. Frame-panel option? This extension of the finished panels. They already have the openings for windows and doors. All you need to do the builders? is to collect panel, hold them together. It is no more difficult than to collect the constructor. The most important thing ? the base is fully coincided with the size of the panel. Frame-Framework technology is used in the construction of complex structures. When it all the elements of the house were collected and adjusted already at the construction site.


How would such a structure may seem easy, itIt has good insulating qualities. The low thermal conductivity of the frame wall allowing the room to warm quickly and keep warm. This is true for country houses that can stand long unheated, but if you arrive and flood, the room warms up quickly.


The process of building the carcass of an extension to the housefollowing. First mounted supporting frame of timber or metal. It is he who will take over the functions of load-bearing structures. The frame consists of carrying racks, bridges, beams and trim. This frame sheathe the sheeting, and then warmed in several layers in order to improve the thermal insulation properties. Then follows the internal and external decoration. Furnish is best done from the same materials that are decorated house, which is attached to the new premises, to prevent the stylistic and architectural disharmony.

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