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How to attach a house to the house


Add a frame house can be quickly and inexpensively</a>

A great way to increase the number of residential square meters? Make a wireframe extension to the house.

This variant of an extension to the house has a lotPluses: such a construction is inexpensive, it takes a little time for it, as the construction is easy enough, it does not shrink and does not require a powerful foundation.



Wireframe technology involves two options: Panel and frame. Frame-panel version? This is an extension of the finished panels. They already have openings for windows and doors. All that builders need to do? It's to assemble the panels, to fasten them. This is not more difficult than assembling a constructor. The most important thing ? So that the base is completely matched to the dimensions of the panels. Frame-frame technology is used in the construction of complex structures. With her all the elements of the house are assembled and driven already at the construction site.


Whatever this structure may seem easy, itHas good thermal insulation properties. Low thermal conductivity of frame walls allows the room to warm up quickly and keep heat. This is true for holiday homes that can stand unheated for a long time, but if you arrive and flood, the room will quickly warm up.


The process of building a frame house extensionfollowing. First, a supporting frame made of a bar or metal is mounted. It is he who will assume the functions of bearing structures. The frame includes supporting racks, crosspieces, beams and strapping. This frame is covered with sheet material, and then insulated in several layers, in order to improve the thermal insulation properties. Then comes the external finish and the interior. Finishing is better done from the same materials with which the house is finished, to which a new premise is built in order to prevent stylistic and architectural disharmony.

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