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How to attach a cat on vacation


How to attach a cat on vacation</a>

At the height of summer holidays, many animal owners face the problem of where to attach their pet. Animals are always acutely experiencing separation from the owner and do not like changing places.

So, we must try to keep the cat familiar home environment and provide proper care.



Agree with the neighbors that they look afterCat. Especially good this option is suitable for those who are friendly with neighbors, and the cat has seen and knows them many times. Then there is the possibility that he will not be afraid of their arrival and will eat the food that they put in a bowl. After all, many animals are refusing to eat their dissatisfaction with new circumstances. In this case, in no case can not change the habitual diet of the pet and feed it with unusual portions. Cats need to be fed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, every day to change the drinking water and clean the tray.

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Be sure to discuss with the neighbors the amount (or otherReward), which you pay them for caring for the animal. So you will be sure that they will really take care of him and do not give up. Leave a small deposit as collateral, and you also need to leave money for the maintenance of the cat. After all, it may happen that the food or filler will run out earlier.

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If neighbors can not come every day,Ask someone from relatives or friends to look after the animal once a day. To the pet did not starve, get a feeder with a dispenser. They come in several forms. There are those in which you pour the food up to the top, and it is consumed as the animal eats it. There are batchers with a timer - in the bowl the contents of the dispenser falls with the set time interval. A bowl with a dispenser ensures that the food is fresh, and the animal will eat it in even portions.

Attach cats


In the most extreme case, consider the optionHotels for animals. This option is undesirable because for cats such travel is always stressful, they are very attached to the house. Before you give the animal to the hotel, look at the situation in which conditions the cats are kept. The hotel should be in a country house, have a separate room for animals and a closed outdoor aviary for walking. Cats should sit in individual large cells and do not contact other animals.

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Find out what documents you needProvide that the animal is accepted. With you must without fail demand a photocopy of your passport and a veterinary passport of the cat. Such measures indicate that the institution cares about the health of its "guests". Otherwise, no one will give you a guarantee that back you will take your pet absolutely healthy.

Time to attach an animal


Enter into a contract with the zoo customer service,In which the cost of the daily maintenance, the conditions of detention, the features of nutrition will be prescribed. You have the right to specify in such a contract any additional services that you would like to receive and pay. So your "Murzika" can cut, wash, walk and even play with him in the usual game.


If you are looking for a budget option,Attention to, so-called, private overexposures. On overexposure are animals that for one reason or another do not have a host. Mostly there are animals, picked up on the street and waiting for their "adoption". Someone is being treated during this period, someone is living out their days. The disadvantages of the shortcomings include the fact that animals can come to them from the street without any veterinary control. You can not make an agreement with the owner of the contract, since such establishments operate illegally.

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