How to fix drywall


How to fix drywall</a>

Let's consider various ways of fasteningDrywall to walls and ceiling, depending on the composition of the surface. In order to fix the drywall, you need to assemble the metal frame and fix it on the wall or ceiling.

For this, a metal profile of PS 60 per 30 mm and PN 27 at 30 mm is used, as well as a straight metal perforated suspension.

You will need

  • Dowel-nails, self-tapping screws, drill, perforator,A screwdriver, a knife for cutting gypsum board, a special plane for the slicing of the end edges, self-cutters 10 mm with a flat hat, punch, spatula, putty, painter bandages.



To fix the frame to the wall,The guiding profile of the PN is fixed to the floor and ceiling. The upper and lower profiles must coincide with the plumb line. On the opposite walls are attached two more guides PN. Depending on the composition of the ceiling, walls and floor guides are attached to the dowel-nails with a perforator or self-tapping screws, if the base is wooden. Then the PS stands are cut according to the height of the ceiling. They are inserted into the upper and lower profile in 60 cm increments. After that, the PS posts are fixed to the wall with a perforator or drill by means of a direct suspension.
The drywall itself is fixed standing: Leans against the posts and is screwed with self-tapping screws 25 mm long. If the height of the wall is more than 2.5 meters, then at the junction of the gypsum boards, additional jumpers should be installed from the metal profile of the PS.


If the plastering with hypo-cardboard goes in two or moreLayers, then each successive layer should overlap the joint of the previous sheets. The outer layer of the gypsum board is seamed at the seams with a special tape and shpatlayetsya. Screws must be twisted at least 25 cm.


For fixing gypsum cardboard on the ceiling profile PNSewn around the perimeter of the walls on a horizontal level. After that, the PS profile is inserted into the PN profile and fixed by a suspension to the ceiling. The distance between the guides should be 40 cm. After every 50 cm, you need to install transverse bridges from the same profile. Then plasterboard is sewn with a step between samorazami no more than 15 cm. After that the seams are pasted and shpatlyutsya.

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