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How to fix drywall

How to fix the drywall

Consider different ways of fasteningDrywall for walls and ceilings, depending on the composition of the surface. In order to secure the drywall, you need to collect the metal frame and mount it on a wall or ceiling.

For this purpose, a metal profile PS 60 by 30 mm and PN 27 to 30 mm, as well as direct Perforated metal hanger.

You will need

  • Dowel-nails, screws, drills, rotary hammers,screwdriver, a knife for cutting drywall, a special plane for zastrugivaniya end edges, 10 mm screws with a flat cap, punch, trowel, putty, paint bandages.



To attach the frame to the wall first takenMo guide profile and is attached to the floor and ceiling. The upper and lower profiles must match in plumb. On the opposite wall are secured two more guides Mon. Depending on the composition of the ceiling, walls and floor rails are mounted on a dowel-nails with the help of punch or a self-tapping screws, if the wooden base. Then PS rack cut in accordance with the height of the ceiling. They are inserted into the upper and lower profile with a pitch of 60 cm. Then PS stands using direct suspension mounted on a wall or a hammer drill.
Sam drywall mounted standing: He leans against the uprights and fastened with screws 25 mm in length. If the wall height greater than 2.5 meters, then at the joint cardboard-gypsum sheets you need to install additional plug from the metal profile of the SS.


If giposokartonom paneling comes in two or morelayers, each successive layer should perehlёstyvat the abutment previous sheets. The outer facing layer of drywall glued at the seams with a special tape and shpatluyuetsya. The screws should be tightened not less than 25 cm.


For fastening drywall to the ceiling profile Mosewn on the perimeter walls at the horizontal level. Then PS profile is inserted into the profile of the PN and secured to the ceiling suspension. Step between the guides should be 40 cm. Every 50 cm to install the transverse bridge of the same profile. Then sewn drywall screws with a pitch between no more than 15 cm. After that, the seams are glued and shpatlyuutsya.

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