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How to attach snowboard

How to attach snowboard

In snowboarding it is important to keep your feet and board were a single entity, as a link in this case are the attachment. They also make it possible to manage a snowboard easy and painless.

They are made of steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics and composite materials, thereby remain very strong but light.

Despite the fact that the most important function of mounts is not to let go of the leg at a crucial moment, they differ in the principles of operation, riding styles and disciplines.

You will need

  • - snowboard
  • - fixing
  • - screws



Soft crepes (so called prorider attachment)used for free skating (freeride, freestyle, etc.). They appeared for a long time and is virtually unchanged in recent years. They all have an anatomical shape and look like two small platforms with rotary disks, which are bolted to the board with screws under the right and left legs. All of them have a highback supporting leg from the calf (often with adjustable angle), ratchet straps, with tightening lock. All are equipped with two mounting straps, however, come across soft crepes with additional strap on the leg. In most cases, fastening is made of plastic, metal, and although there are, however, of such patterns are now trying to move away, as the metal is bent and bites into the fixing of nogi.Krome divided into "remeshkovye" and "anal" in the former case the leg is placed on top of the platform and the fixing belt in the second - shoes part of the crepe szadi.Kak mentioned such anchorages are on styles of riding restrictions, they are suitable only for mild, non-aggressive driving. By cons of crepe can also be attributed, and a large number of screws, for which you need to make sure that does not untwisted, lots of plastic parts, which are under strong impact can break and crack in the cold, as well as a long time Wearing. On the other hand in their pluses include a tight shoe, and fixing a variety of settings that contribute to a more convenient location inside the shoe crepe and, consequently, more comfortable skating.


Hard mount designed for sportsdisciplines: slalom, downhill, carving. They are simply arranged, two bonded to each other with metal arcs platform for fixing the boot, the front bow has a lock, and the rear there. Ryder with shod in hard plastic boots, which are fixedly secured to the board. Dress them as simple: the rider inserts in the heel of the rear shackle lock and sprinkles on a sock attachment botinka.Zhestkie have restrictions on the style of riding and the degree of preparation of the rider. Usually they prefer to experienced riders with good technique who love to develop more speed and cutting corners. It rather refers to the downside as snowboarders should not even try to get back on firmly secured.
The advantages also include rigid fixation legsease of fastening, as well as a large iznosostoykost.K way, the increasing popularity won fastening systems Step-in, allowing to fasten without bending the board in Europe and the United States. Of course, it is convenient, especially for arrivals and descent from the lift, but in our country these crepes are not very common.


However, select the attachment - this is only half the battle. To foot and boot are correctly and conveniently secured must be correctly set itself fixed on the board. The rule here is one - the higher the snowboarder, the farther away from each other should be fixing. However, if the rider enjoys an aggressive riding style (carve turns, high speed) - the closer to each other should be a platform. Fans halfpipe and jumps on the contrary put the crepes at the maximum possible distance for their growth, as this contributes to a more stable landing. In general, the distance range from 40 to 70 centimeters, and how far you put crepes depends only on you. For starters, the riders there is one simple way to calculate the distance between the bindings, it is necessary to stand up straight and measure the distance from the floor to the middle of the knee joint. This height is the optimal distance between the crepes.


Internal drive fasteners needed in ordercrepes to set the correct angle. These angles depend on the style of riding and personal sympathies rider. The most important rule - the difference between the angles of the front and back legs should not exceed 12 degrees. For novice snowboarders more suited small angles - hind leg from 0 to 6 degrees, the front - from 9 to 18 degrees. Freeriders normally deploy the front foot by 25-35 degrees. Lovers of pipes and springboards front leg is deployed at an angle of 9 degrees and back to minus 6, slalom and ski lovers aggressive unfold legs substantially parallel to the board: the front leg is at an angle of 45-50 degrees, the rear - 40-45, since the large angle makes it easier reversals.

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