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How to attach a balcony to the house

How to attach a balcony to the house

For a long time the presence of the balcony in a private house was a sign of prestige.

However, the structure of the building element is capable not only to decorate the house, but also can be a great vacation spot in the summer, as well as to increase the access of air and sunlight into the room.

You will need

  • - metal carcass-
  • - armatures
  • - opalubka-
  • - Concrete rastvor-
  • - Metallic ograzhdenie-
  • - perila-
  • - Adhesive cement
  • - floor tiles-
  • - Building tools.



Install the metal frame is attachedbalcony. The procedure is as follows: type in the wall reinforcement bars, and then tie them balcony frame. To increase the strength of the frame, and therefore make a balcony hardy, set under the framework triangular metal supports, made in the form of an isosceles triangle with a right angle. "Catete" this triangle primknite in the wall and balcony frame, as a result of the "hypotenuse" and the triangle will support.


Inside lay the balcony carcass reinforcement belt(Lay the valve so that it ends a little played with metal frame: subsequently to these ends is welded balcony railings). Then install the formwork and pour concrete solution base of the balcony.


After a homemade concrete slabdry, remove the formwork: it is no longer needed, since fulfilled its main purpose - to give form to a concrete slab. Then weld the metal fence to the reinforcing rod, protruding from the plate, and set the balcony railings.


On the balcony slab pour on top of a small layer of screed: it is necessary to align the surface before laying floor tiles. Allow to dry screed. After that, lay a tile.


In the event that a balcony is attached tohouse under construction, it will put up the floor slab that is installed between the floors, the width of the balcony. Weld to her fence and attach a railing. And after that will be coated with tiles floor balcony.

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