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Atherosclerosis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Atherosclerosis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Atherosclerosis - a common disease of the arteries elastic and muscular-elastic type.

Cholesterol or lipid deposits in the form of plaques located in the intima of the arteries of the heart, brain, aorta and aortic branches.

This leads to a proliferation of connective tissue followed sklerotirovaniem, narrowing of the lumen.

The blood supply to the body, nourished by the affected artery, becomes insufficient, which inevitably leads to the formation of foci of necrosis, ie heart attack, stroke or gangrene.

symptoms of atherosclerosis

The clinical picture depends on atherosclerosisPrevalence and localization process, and the degree of narrowing of the arteries. At the initial stage of the disease the patient can not even guess how serious pathological processes develop in the body.

In a subsequent atherosclerotic changes,localized in the aorta, cardiac, renal, or cerebral arteries in the extremities, manifested by certain symptoms. In atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries of the patient worried about angina pectoris, myocardial infarction may occur. The harbinger of serious diseases are symptoms of long-term feeling of heaviness in the chest, a burning pain in the heart.

If amazed kidney blood vessels, the patient worriedsevere hypertension. Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the brain significantly reduced performance, memory, attention. The patient is experiencing fatigue, dizziness, chronic insomnia begins. The most serious complication in violation of cerebral circulation - stroke.

If it affects the arteries of the patient's limbs are concerned intermittent claudication, edema.

Diagnosis of atherosclerosis

If you suspect a patient is prescribed atherosclerosisinstrumental and laboratory research methods. Detect violations of lipid metabolism, conduct X-ray examination, ultrasound examination of the vessels. On the basis of comprehensive methods of diagnosis by a doctor is no doubt in the correct diagnosis.

Treatment of atherosclerosis

The patient is prescribed pharmaceuticals,reducing lipid levels, normalize oxygenation and tissue trophism, the rheological properties of blood. Also recommended medications, which increase the elasticity of the vascular walls. If plaques threaten the normal blood supply, prescribe reconstructive surgery.

Prevention of atherosclerosis

For the prevention of atherosclerosis should be discardedbad habits, move more, get rid of excess weight, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in animal fats. It is also recommended to undergo a medical examination in a timely manner and treat chronic diseases.

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