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What time do I go in for sports


What time do I go in for sports</a>

At what time of day is it best to exercise - an ambiguous question that often excites athletes and fans of an active lifestyle.

On this account, there are different opinions.

Morning or evening?

A universal answer to the question, when is it betterTo play sports does not exist. There is an opinion that people are divided into different types depending on their internal biorhythms, as a rule, they are "owls" and "larks". If you seriously consider this factor, you can make a completely logical conclusion that the sports achievements of larks will be higher in the morning hours, and owls - in the evening. But not all so unambiguously.

A widely held point of view is that the bestTime for exercise - morning. On the one hand, this is really so, since a well-awakened organism receives a charge of vivacity for the whole day and will help to remain more active until the evening. This is the meaning of morning exercises. Another thing is that charging and full training are two different things. An excellent option to cheer up in the morning - joint exercises, easy stretching, invigorating breathing exercises. Someone prefers jogging.

It is believed that earlier in the morning - the ideal time for practicing yoga, especially since after the night the stomach is empty.

But the morning classes in the gym,Intensive power and aerobic loads in the morning are not suitable for everyone, and here everything is very individual. Someone wakes up instantly and immediately ready for accomplishment, and someone comes to life an hour or two, loves slowly pulling the muscles, without getting out of bed. For such people, a sharp transition to activity after awakening is a real stress. As a result, they are exhausted and for the rest of the day they barely have enough energy.

For someone, the ideal time for fitness- Evening. Then this is also a way to relieve stress and tension after a working day, finally give the muscles a load, and if this is yoga - then soothe the body and mind for a sound and healthy sleep.

Thus, a person must decide whenHe is comfortable to give himself a physical load. The time of employment for a modern person often has to be coordinated with his working schedule and other matters. In addition, on different days and at different times a person can feel differently. Sometimes the body itself requires a load at the current time, and sometimes a strong decline in strength makes effective training almost impossible. Women also often depend on their well-being during menstruation.

Of course, professional athletes do not usuallyHave the opportunity to choose a comfortable time for training, tk. They have to adhere to a certain schedule, which does not always agree with personal preferences.

Important points

We can say one thing - it's better to postpone training forA couple of hours, if you just had a dense dinner. Lesson will not be effective when the body is engaged in digestion. You should avoid too active activities later than two hours before bedtime, to avoid insomnia.

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