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At what time do sports

At what time do sports

What time of day is best to exercise - an ambiguous question that often excites athletes and active lifestyles.

there are different opinions on this matter.

Morning or evening?

Universal answer the question of when it is bettersports, does not exist. It is believed that people are divided into different types depending on their internal biorhythms, as a rule, "owls" and "larks". If you seriously consider this factor, it is possible to make a logical conclusion that the sporting achievements of larks will be higher in the morning, and owls - in the evening. But not all so simple.

A very common view is that the besttime for exercise - morning. On the one hand, it is true, as well awakened body gets energy boost for the whole day and will be more active to evening. This is the meaning of morning exercise. Another thing is that charging and full training - different things. A great option to cheer up in the morning - articular gymnastics, light stretching, invigorating breathing exercises. Some people prefer jogging.

It is believed that early in the morning - the perfect time to practice yoga, the more so after a night of the stomach is empty.

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But the morning classes at the gym,intense power and aerobic exercise in the morning are not for everyone, and here everything is very individual. Someone wakes up instantly and is immediately ready to accomplishment, and someone wakes up an hour or two, loves to slowly pull the muscles are not getting out of bed. For such people, a sharp transition to the activity after waking up - a real stress. As a result, they run out of steam, and for the remainder of the day they barely have enough energy.

For some, the ideal time for fitness- Evening. Then it is also a way to relieve stress and tension after a working day, to finally muscle strain, and if this yoga - that calm the body and mind for a strong and healthy sleep.

Thus, man must decide for himself whenthey feel comfortable to give yourself exercise. Class times modern man often have to negotiate with their work schedule and other matters. In addition, on different days and at different times, the person may feel differently. Sometimes the body itself requires the load is at the current time, and sometimes a strong breakdown makes it nearly impossible for an effective workout. Women are also often dependent on their well-being in the days of menstruation.

Of course, professional athletes do not usuallyhave the opportunity to choose their own comfortable time for training, because they have to follow a certain schedule, which is not always consistent with personal preferences.

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important points

You can say one thing - it is better to postpone the training ona couple of hours, if you have just had lunch tightly. Occupation will not be effective when the body is busy digestion. Avoid too active employment later than two hours before bedtime to avoid insomnia.

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