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At what rate Megafon cheapest SMS

At what rate Megafon cheapest SMS

The cheapest SMS can be obtained by connecting fares from section "All Inclusive" to a megaphone, as well as through the use of additional tariff options.

Selecting one of the subscribers identified options depending on the needs for additional services.

The standard cost of one outgoing SMS toMost tariff Megafon is 1.95 rubles within the subscriber's own region and 2.80 rubles - to other regions of the country. Reduce the price of this service in two ways. The first is to connect the additional tariff options to choose the optimal number of messages to be sent during the month, as well as eliminate the cheating money for unused services. The second is to choose one of the packages combined into a section "All inclusive", involves the acquisition of a fixed number of SMS, minutes of calls, mobile data traffic per month.

What are the conditions to connect additional tariff options?

For any tariff Megafon can be connectedspecial options that involve paying a certain amount of SMS for one month on more favorable terms. So, when you connect «SMS XL» option allows the subscriber currently the lowest cost of such messages to all tariffs of the cellular operator. This service allows you to send 100 SMS daily, the daily fee is only twenty rubles. Consequently, the cost of one outgoing messages when using this option is set at twenty cents, which is well below the total price in the standard rates. If this amount daily SMS user is simply not required, it is possible to use other variants of options that involve sending a certain number of messages per month. The cost of one message in this case would be slightly higher, but the total amount of payments for the use of options in the month is a smaller amount than 600 rubles monthly fee for «SMS XL».

Other options to reduce the cost of SMS to a Megaphone

If you connect a special additional optionsto obtain the lowest cost of outgoing messages to the subscriber does not fit, you should consider the possibility to connect one of the special packages "all inclusive". These rates provide the ability to use a fixed amount of talk minutes, outgoing messages and mobile data traffic per month. Select the specific cost of an SMS by using these packages is not possible, however, in comparison with the cost of messages on standard tariffs user also receives a significant benefit.

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