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At what height is best to do switches in the apartment


At what height is best to do switches in the apartment</a>

It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment without switches, which all households use throughout the day.

To make their operation more comfortable, it is important to place the devices in convenient places so that they do not have to drag on or tilt all the time.

Installation Methods

The location of the switches in the room is notIs regulated by strict regulations. In order to properly design the location and height of the installation of circuit breakers, it is important to adhere to a number of basic rules for the installation of electrical installations that guarantee safety.

To ensure electrical safety, switchesIt is recommended to install at a height of up to 100 cm from the side of the door handle or under the ceiling. The minimum distance from the switches to the gas pipeline should be not less than 50 cm, and to bathtubs, shower cabins, sinks and similar sanitary devices - not less than 60 cm.

Recently,So-called "eurostandard" installation of switches, according to which they are placed at a height of 90 cm from the floor. Together with the European-style renovation, this option has come to modern homes and apartments to replace Soviet standards, according to which switches were mounted at a height of 160 cm from the floor, at the shoulder level.

When installing and replacing switches, it is important to turn off the electricity and be absolutely sure of the power failure in the network.

However, each option for installing switchesHas its pros and cons. So, even the Soviet way, many homeowners still recognize the most convenient, since the switch falls into the field of view and allows you to put nearby furniture that does not close it. It is also safe in rooms where there are small children. "Eurostandard", in turn, is more ergonomic, since it makes it possible to regulate the lighting without raising your hands.

Rules for the design of switches

When choosing the location of the switches, determine the placement of furniture in the room. You can draw a diagram for this purpose on paper.

Decide which way the doors will open in order to place the switches at the openings. Place them on the side of the door handles.

Also, the location of the switches depends on the typePremises. So, on the stairs or in the long corridor, they are best set at the beginning or at the end. In the room and bedroom switches are appropriate to install near the bed or sofa so that you can control the lighting without rising, as well as at the entrance to the room.

Instead of a pushbutton switch,Dimmer. This device allows you to smoothly turn off the light and adjust the depth of lighting. Select the height to accommodate the dimmer, please note that the button must be rotated.

In the garage, utility rooms and utility roomsIt is convenient to install switches at a height of 160 cm from the floor. Also, "high" switches can sometimes be appropriate in children's rooms, so that children do not play with them.

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