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At what height from the floor mounted outlet

At what height from the floor mounted outlet

At what height above the floor should be installed sockets in living rooms and common areas - kitchens, hallways, bathrooms?

The Russian construction norms no clear guidance on this topic.

It contains only recommendations which it is desirable to comply with in order to use sockets comfortably and safely.

How to determine the places where better to mount sockets

There is a document entitled "Institutional buildingnorm ", containing" Electrical residential and public buildings "section. It states that the socket must be secured in a location convenient to use, taking into account, as will be placed furniture. That is, the location of the sockets, as well as the height of the installation not regulated.

In some countries, the installation height of sockets provided by law. For example, in the UK outlet should not be mounted below 45 centimeters and 120 centimeters above the floor level.

However, there is an exception provided for in the EMP(Electrical Rules). According to them, sockets and switches should be located further than 50-inches from the pipeline, and more than 60-inches from the bath, sink, shower stall.

This distance is considered, since the external dimension sinks, bathtubs or stall doorway.

During Soviet times, traditionally switchesinstalled at a height of about 160 cm from the floor and the wall outlet - at a height of about 100 centimeters. Now, however, a much more popular electrical equipment according to European standard, according to which the switch is recommended to install no more than 100 centimeters from the floor, on the wall by the door handle. A socket - at a height of 15 to 100 centimeters, depending on the type and frequency of use.
Before installing sockets, drawroom scheme and accurately mark the placement of furniture in it, as well as the equipment that will be connected to a common power supply and low-current networks (eg in the kitchen) .. From this, you can determine exactly where and at what altitude is better to fix the wall socket.

At what altitude is better to have the outlet, depending on their destination

If the outlet used for powerstationary household equipment - computer, TV, lamp, it is better positioned at a height of about 1 meter above the floor. But it is desirable that they were hidden either by the electrical appliances or furniture, for example, the cabinet edge.
If you plan to install the sockets in the bedroom near the bedside tables or around the desktop, it is advisable to fix them slightly above the surface of the furniture.
In the case where the sockets are intended for intermittent use (for example, for connecting a vacuum cleaner), it is better to strengthen them approximately 30 inches from the floor surface.

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