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From what age do you need a pillow


From what age do you need a pillow</a>

Few think that the preference of adults to sleep on a pillow is more a habit, worked out over the years, rather than an acute physiological necessity.

Therefore, parents have a natural question: whether to put the baby to sleep on the pillow or do without this bedding.



The answer of pediatricians in this case is unambiguous -The child does not need a pillow during the first three years of life. This is the time of intensive growth of the baby, when the bones of the spine are still very soft and supple. Therefore, an incorrect position of the head on a classical pillow can easily provoke serious bone deformations and cause a violation of posture. Another reason for abandoning pillows in infancy is a high risk of suffocation during sleep. A crumb can simply roll over on his stomach, bury his nose in a loose pillow and suffocate. Unfortunately, such tragedies happen.


Often adults are in a hurry to put a newbornThe child under the head is a kind of analogue of a pillow in the form of a folded flannel or flannel diaper. This measure is justified in those cases when the child has salivary salivation or a predisposition to regurgitation. The diaper simply absorbs excess fluid and helps the crumb to sleep in comfortable conditions.


By the age of three the baby is physiologically readyTo sleeping on the pillow. However, if your child perceives a new attribute for sleep without enthusiasm, do not insist on it - older children can also do well without a pillow. If the crumb with pleasure accepted the innovation, take care of choosing a quality and safe pillow.


Choosing for a kid so important thing, keep in mind thatA good baby pillow should be thin, low and wide to occupy the entire headboard of the crib. Many quality samples are equipped with special devices for fixation. They will allow the pillow to stay in place during the restless sleep of the child. Try to ensure that the pillow is located not only the head, but also the shoulders of the karapuza. This will help to avoid additional stress on the cervical spine.

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