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At what age can you use a chaise longue for newborns


At what age can you use a chaise longue for newborns</a>

Every day the children's industry presents an increasing number of auxiliary tools and devices ready to come to the aid of parents in the development and entertainment of children, beginning with the birth.

One such device is the chaise lounges for newborns.

Sunbeds for newborns are a variant of a child seat, only more comfortable design and equipped with a significant number of additional functions.

A separate bonus is the function of motion sickness, an easy vibration that allows you to calm and cradle your baby before going to bed.

There are various designs of sun loungers,Designed for both babies and older children, already able to stay in a sitting position. Pediatricians do not recommend using devices earlier than 1.5 months from birth, until this point the muscular corset of the newborn is very weak, and because the baby will be uncomfortable in the deckchair.

For children from three months, the optimalConsider chaise lounges with adjustable backrest tilt, which can be decomposed to fully horizontal position, which is necessary for infants up to a year. Also, there is the possibility of a smooth step-by-step rise of the backrest up to the sitting position. This chaise longue can be used for a long time, adjusting it to the needs of the child. A part of the parents uses sunbeds up to the age of 3 of their children as an alternative to a bed on vacation or on trips.

Popularity of sun beds

Baby deckchairs are gradually becoming more and morePopular among young parents, there are enough reasons for this. First of all, the chairs are very comfortable, they allow you to comfortably place the child, not only at home, but also during the trip. The device is easy to fold, you can take it with you. At the same time, most quality chaise lounges are equipped with handles for transport and protective visors, which make it possible to hide the baby from the sun.

The devices have fixing belts that ensure a safe holding of the baby in a chaise longue and ensure its safety.

In addition to the basic functions, modern sun bedsEquipped with numerous additional functions. In the armchairs intended for children from 6 months to 1.5 years old, there is a musical accompaniment, which is well taken by the baby, develops his perception, the sense of musical ear and rhythm. There are built-in toys and pendant rattles, which have a positive effect on the child's small motor skills.

How to choose a safe chaise lounge

The functionality of the children's chaise longue, judging by the reviews, will greatly facilitate the life of parents. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing a model and manufacturer.

When buying, you should definitely consider some factors that will not regret buying:
- the chaise longue frame must have an anatomical shape and adjustable back-
- a chaise longue should be equipped with handles for carrying and safety belts, providing a reliable fixation of the baby-
- it is important that the chaise lounge is easily disassembled and assembled, there will also be no extra bag, as it will allow the device to be washed at any convenient time.

Choose the equipment of a chaise longue for you: Think what exactly the child will need - toys, musical accompaniment, and what will provide additional convenience to you - the function of motion sickness, a removable table for feeding.

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