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At what age can give watermelon

At what age can give watermelon

Watermelon - an incredibly useful and tasty kind of berries as biologists concluded.

But is it equally useful for adults and children?

Do pediatricians their opinions about the parental issue, at what age you can give your baby watermelon.



Small pieces of watermelon can start givingbaby with one year. For the first time, you can give the child to try watermelon juice, squeezed from the pulp of the berries through a cheesecloth. Or mix it with the usual baby apple juice. Watermelon juice, let the day 1-2 tablespoons, eventually increasing that amount.


Do not insist that your child eats a slice of watermelon, if he did not think it was delicious, and the baby stubbornly refuses the new product in the diet.


Make sure before you give your child a watermelon thatBerry does not contain nitrates. The presence of dangerous enzymes in watermelon talk too red flesh, falls among black white seeds, yellow streaks among pink or red pulp.


Buy watermelon people who, you know,They raised him at his dacha. Or you can buy a watermelon on the market, but after the middle of August, as too early watermelons are usually full of nitrates and chemical fertilizers. But do not take a watermelon, which is sold around the road route as car exhaust have the ability to penetrate the skin of the watermelon.


Before you treat the child watermelon closelyberry wash in warm water with a brush. The child let the pulp from the middle of the berries, as most of the nitrate (if they are still there) in watermelon is present under the skin up to 3 cm in depth.


Children aged one to two years, let's watermelon flesh no more than 50 years Children from two to three years can be given on the day of 100 grams of watermelon. And those kids who are over three years - 150 grams per day.


Check in pieces of watermelon flesh, you offer a child seeds. Baby swallows them easily, without noticing, and they may choke.

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