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At what age can the child be given shop milk


At what age can the child be given shop milk</a>

Some parents almost from the time of their birth transfer children to artificial feeding, and special milk mixtures are replaced with ordinary shop milk.

However, experts do not recommend doing this.

Shop milk: can I give it to a child?

Very often, for a number of reasons, young mothers do notCan be fed with breast milk, so choose children's formula or shop milk. However, many experts advise not to overdo it, since milk can contain a large amount of dried milk, harmful to the digestive system of the child. So, at what age do pediatricians recommend milk for babies?
Babies under the age of three years are recommended by dietitians for specialized baby food. Shop milk is recommended for mothers to be fed into the baby's food no earlier than three years.

Homemade milk is also not recommended, as it contains a pathogenic, harmful for the child's body microflora.

Why should we not rush?

There are following reasons for this. Cow milk has a strong effect on the digestive system of the baby. Therefore, it must be introduced into the diet only after three years. To date, even children's products bought in the store can not "boast" good quality. Consequently, mothers do not have to rush into the baby's diet to store the store milk, since there is a high risk of various allergic reactions that can have a negative impact on the child's internal organs.

This also applies to the digestive system.

Terms for the introduction of dairy products

Nutritionists are advised to introduce milk into the diet andDairy products, depending on the initial feeding. And, in order not to harm the digestive system of a growing organism, it is recommended to introduce milk according to the following scheme. A child on breastfeeding can be given special nutrition from 1 year. Shop milk after three years. Artists can try to give milk early: about 9-11 months.
To introduce milk should be gradually. After the introduction of the diet, you must closely monitor the reaction of the child's body to a new product. If the body reacts with an allergic reaction, then pediatricians are advised to abandon the use of milk for about another six months. However, to clarify the timing it is recommended to consult a specialist.
If the baby's organism took a new product, then everything went well, the time for the introduction of a new product was chosen correctly.

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