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At what age do the first gray hair begin to appear


The appearance of the first gray hair is caused genetically </a>

Sedation is a natural process, sooner or later occurring with everyone.

However, someone starts to turn gray, having barely reached youth, and someone lives to the age of fifty without any graying.

Sedation is largely due to genetic causes, but there are other prerequisites, such as nutrition and stress.
For most people, the determining factorIs genetics. The first gray strand you will have at the same age as your parents or grandparents. However, the rate of appearance of new gray hair also depends on the lifestyle and habits of the person.

What aggravates the appearance of gray hair

Smoking accelerates the process of appearance of new gray hair. Anemia, poor nutrition, a lack of B vitamins and thyroid problems can also contribute to premature hair discoloration.
For the color of hair in the human body is responsiblePigment melanin. This is the same pigment that dyes the skin in a dark color when sunburned. Each hair follicle contains cells called melanocytes. Those in turn produce color pigments of black, brown, yellow and red color, and also carry melanin to cells that produce keratin, the main protein that is part of the hair.
At the very beginning of the appearance of gray hair, melanocytes are still present in the hair, but the color of the hair becomes lighter. Gradually, these cells die out, and from the rich color of hair there is nothing left.
The appearance of gray hair is an inevitable processAging. But sometimes premature gray hair appears as a result of autoimmune disease. Some people begin to turn gray after 20 years, but they are quite healthy. Severe stress or shock can provoke the rapid appearance of a large amount of gray hair.
As a rule, white people begin to turn gray after30 years, Asians closer to 40 years, and Africans after 40 years. According to studies, the age of appearance of the first gray hair in women becomes earlier. At present, about 32 percent of women start to turn gray before they reach 30. This suggests that, in addition to genetic factors, hair is strongly affected by stress. Scientifically proven that during stress in the body, vitamin B is destroyed, and its lack contributes to the appearance of gray hair.
Japanese scientists say that the hairFollicles respond to stress in the same way as DNA. This is the so-called oxidative stress, and it causes pollution of the environment, smoking and ultraviolet radiation. There is also some connection between this kind of stress and emotional stress.

How to deal with gray hair

Currently, people wanting to look youngThe choice is not great: dye your hair or leave it as it is, gray. It should be borne in mind that the gray hair is difficult to color due to the lack of melanin in them.
Researchers from the L'Oreal Institute openedinteresting fact. They found out that skin and hair cells produce melanocytes equally. But the skin with age does not change color in the same way as hair. The reason for this is the lack of enzymes in the hair follicles, which are in the skin cells. Scientists hope to develop a drug that could reproduce the effect of enzymes, so that hair cells retain color longer.

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