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At what age are given credit in the bank

loan processing

The main criterion for considering an application for a loan is to achieve a potential borrower 18 years of age. However, this rule does not hold all the banks.

The conditions in this case are set by lenders and due to certain factors.

The nuances of the loan in 18 years

According to official data, the credit can getAny citizen, who at the time of application was 18 years old. The majority of banks in this category of borrowers wary. This is due first of all income levels. At 18 years it is quite difficult to find a permanent and well-paid job. As a guarantee, the bank may require additional help, labor dogovors, copies of labor books or other documents, confirming the presence of permanent income.
The most common cause of failure in theobtaining credit "young" borrowers is the phrase "lack of ability to pay." Please note that when you make the application is considered not only your credit history, but also a number of additional factors - family structure, marital status, number of dependents, the availability of property ownership. Because income is subtracted the estimated amount of the payment on the loan and all required payments, which are made by you after the fact. That is why in 18-19 years we can expect either a small amount of the loan or try to increase your income.

Getting a loan at 21

The majority of banks in advance warnsclients that loans are granted only on the condition that the borrower was 21 years old. The reason for this restriction is obvious - the older the person, the greater the work experience and the higher the level of income. One of the main conditions of the request for a loan is considered to be the presence of a certain time. Generally, it should be at least 3-6 months. For long-term loans the rate is changing in a big way. For example, for a loan of 5 years experience is required not less than 24 months.
Large amount banks are willing to give inmainly to borrowers, whose age reaches 25 years. According to the management of credit institutions, that this man has not only graduates, but also, as a rule, have a stable job and salary.


The exception for age restrictions consideredspecial program - "student loan". Such loans can be issued to customers since 14 years. However, in this case it is necessary to understand the two main points - the funds are issued only for tuition, and the borrower should make a statement only in the presence of parents or guarantors. By the way, the guarantee - is the main condition of the bank funds.

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