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At home to make orange juice

As home to make orange juice

Orange juice has long won the love of the worldwide followers of a healthy lifestyle. It is valued as a unique storehouse of vitamins, organic acids and trace elements.

This drink provides the body with essential nutrients, but low in calories - no wonder it is extremely popular among dieters.

The most useful and tasty drink - fresh, so prepare orange juice recommended by the hands.

Fresh orange juice in a juicer

The easiest way to squeeze the juice from the oranges inhome - use a special juicer for citrus. Before preparing Frechet carefully wash the fruit and, without removing the peel, divide it in half along the lateral line. remove the seeds if necessary. Put each piece of orange on the rotating mechanism of the electric device pulp down, peel the top. While pushing down on the fruit, squeeze the juice. According to the model, proceed as described, if the farm is a simple manual juicer for citrus - but will have to make more efforts.
Before preparing orange juiceUniversal juicer citrus wash, peel, remove the badly sharpened knife and cut the fruit into slices. Remove seeds and place the orange segments in the appliance. Turn on the machine. If there is a functional juicers adjustment of the flesh, be careful with the desired settings. Do not forget to prepare a dish to collect the liquid.

You can not drink orange juice with drugs: it can reduce their healing effect and even cause serious harm to the body. Citrus fresh disabled people with gastro-intestinal diseases, allergies and diabetes.

How to make juice without a juicer

The washed, peeled and sliced ​​raw materials can bescroll in a food processor (blender) until you get mashed. Add the pulp of the required amount of cold filtered water, sweeten the resulting mass is to your taste and scroll back to a liquid state. After the beverage infusion (over three to five minutes), it can be served.
Finally, in the absence of special instrumentsYou can try to make fresh orange juice by hand. To this end, blanch the fruit in boiling water for 2-3 min., And then cut it in half. Squeeze the juice, orange squeezing his hands on both sides. Usually one of ripe fruit you can get the 90-100 g fresh. If you wish to filter the finished orange juice and add the pulp of the fruit, collecting it with a spoon. Before use, cool drink.

The high content of ascorbic acid and sugars in orange juice helps to recover from illness or extreme fatigue, and supports the weak blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and liver.

The original orange drink

Fresh oranges can be preparedwonderful soft drink. On two large fruit you will need 2 teaspoons of citric acid, 0.5 kg of sugar and non-carbonated bottled water (4 L). The washed raw blanch in boiling water for a minute, then dry completely and soak overnight in the freezer.

Hold the frozen fruit at roomtemperature for 15 min., then quickly thaw in a microwave oven. Clear the orange peel, chop and mince (scroll in a blender). Fruit pulp cover with cold water and leave for half an hour drink. Then strain juice, add sugar and citric acid. After 2 chasa orange drink is ready.

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