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In which banks it is safe to invest money


Increased cases of revocation of licenses from banksMake the depositors with particular caution approach the issue of choosing a financial institution. In order to determine the bank, which is guaranteed to ensure the safety of depositors, it is worth paying attention to a number of criteria.

In which banks it is safe to invest money

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The first thing you need to pay attention to is the bankMust be members of the deposit insurance system. With the deposit amount up to 700 thousand rubles. This serves as a guarantee that the invested money will return to you in full, even if the license is revoked from the bank. To check, you need to go to the DIA website and enter the name of the selected bank in the search.


The bank must have a license to conduct banking operations. Check its availability and validity can be on the CBR website.


Banks that deserve more trustInvestors, I have an impressive work experience. It is worth paying attention to those that were founded before 1998. This is demonstrated by their ability to demonstrate stability in crisis situations.


Another criterion, which is worth drawingAttention when choosing a bank, this is the structure of his property. More stable are banks with state participation, as well as those in which the shares belong to large financial and industrial holdings. The presence of such a "financial cushion" can contribute to the normalization of the bank's condition in times of crisis. A high proportion of individuals in the ownership structure, on the contrary, is an alarm signal.


Of course, we can not ignore the financialReporting of the bank and its dynamics. It can also be found on the website of the Central Bank of Russia or the bank itself. Key indicators, which should be emphasized, include bank assets, the size of the authorized capital, liquidity, profitability. Alertness should cause a reduction in assets, which may indicate a preparation for bankruptcy. The problems of the bank may be indicated by the excess of the bank's liabilities over assets. Another important indicator is the share of problem assets (those for which borrowers stopped paying), it should not exceed 10%.


The presence of losses and negative profitability does not add confidence to the depositor in the safety of money. Work in the negative zone can lead in the final result to the revocation of the license.


The higher the size of the authorized capital, the safer it is to invest money there. It is worth turning to independent ratings of banks and looking at the place of the bank by this criterion.


The liquidity of the bank does not indicate its abilitydeliver the goods. There are three types of liquidity: instant (Н2), current (Н3) and long-term (Н4). Their limiting values ​​are set in the legislative order. For H2, it is more than 15%, H3 - more than 50%, and H4 - less than 120%.


It is also worth looking at the latest publications onBank in the media. Pay attention to the presence of negative news regarding the management of the bank, cases of delays in payment of deposits. If the bank recently stopped accepting deposits from the population, citing technical problems, this is a very dangerous signal.

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