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What games to play with a one-year-old child

Your baby has grown. He is constantly learning something new. In what games it is necessary to play with a one-year-old child for its development.

What games to play with a one-year-old child
Cubes. Show the child how to build houses and tall turrets. At first the kid will have fun breaking them, but eventually he will start putting one cube on the other. Comment on the color of the cube and what's on it.
Ball. Show the child how to throw the ball or push it with a foot. This occupation will be to his liking, especially if you join Mom and Dad.
The Pyramid. The child will be happy to shoot and string the rings on his wand. But when buying, pay attention to the tip of the wand. It should be rounded.
Mosaic. Choose a mosaic of multi-colored large parts. With the help of such mosaic the kid will learn to distinguish colors and develop small motor skills of hands. The child will like to fold the part in the place intended for them. Yes, and just dig into the bright details will give him pleasure.
Finger paint. Such paints are not toxic, they are easy to draw on paper. This will develop fine motor skills. In occasion of the soiled clothes it is not necessary to worry, the paint is easy to wash and does not leave stains.
Toy soup. This is a great way to teach a child to eat from a spoon, and drink from a glass. At the same time neither that nor your baby will be spilled, and you will remain clean.
Constructor. It consists of large parts that need to be fastened together. They will make nice houses, and maybe some mysterious beast. Let the child show imagination, and you will help him in this.
Catching up. This is the favorite game of all kids. With what enthusiasm the youngster will run from you to the other end of the room.
Dancing. Many kids love to dance. Make him a company. A very cheerful duet will turn out, and if you draw your dad to this job ...

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