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In which country is the easiest way to make a Schengen visa


Even if you have a high-paying job andA stable position in society, obtaining a Schengen visa is always a bit of a stress factor. Some Russians prefer to communicate with this issue as rarely as possible, giving their passports to those countries that most easily issue visas to Russian citizens. In general, it is quite easy to obtain a Schengen visa for applicants from the Russian Federation.

In which country is the easiest way to make a Schengen visa



France - this country is one of the mostLoyal to candidates for a visa from Russia. Consulate in Moscow issues multiple Schengen visas already at the first appeal, and those who travel constantly, often put multiple visas lasting 5 years! This is an unprecedented time, other countries do not. At the same time, documents must be shown only for the first trip. It is best to indicate France as the country of entry, and in the column on the number of entries to tick the value of multiple. In the field "Duration of stay", write 90 days. In fact, there is no direct connection between the length of the visa and the value in this field, the employees themselves decide which visa to issue to you. Be sure to make the first trip as described in the accompanying documents, and in general, it is better to receive French stamps more often.


In recent years, special benevolence towardsRussian tourists began to show Italy. The consulate of the country willingly puts the multivisa applicants for a period of up to one year, and during the year 2014 the action "a year of tourism from Russia" operates in the country, many applicants unexpectedly receive a multiple visa for 2 years. If over the past couple of years you have made at least two trips to the Schengen country, you can safely count on a multivisa for at least a year. But be careful, the Italians carefully check all the hotel reservations and air tickets.


Another country that easily puts lengthyAnd multiple visas for Russian tourists - this is Spain. It is not necessary to visit Spain before the application, even the presence of Schengen visas in the passport is not required. Semi-annual multivisa for the first reference is a reality, and if you are an active traveler, you can count on even more. It is recommended to check the box "multi" when choosing the number of entries. However, some tourists note that if you received a visa from this southern country, but according to your stamps you can not say that you spent a lot of time there, then at the next appeal there is a risk of getting an internal visa that allows you to stay only in Spain.


There are other countries that sometimes give outRussians have long visas. For example, Slovakia has promised that it will issue visas to tourists from Russia for 2 and 5 years, but in reality, this does not happen as often as it would be desirable. To predict the decision of the consulate of Slovakia in advance does not work.


Greece is a country that has always easily putVisas for Russians, but they are very rarely long. As a rule, the period of stay does not exceed the declared first trip. However, the trend towards improvement has already begun, Greece has become increasingly issuing multivisa, especially those who often happen in the country.


Finland - this country is veryApplicants from the North-West region. They receive a long-term multivisa almost guaranteed, subject to the availability of a local residence permit. The rest of the applicants Finland is not so generous.

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