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In which days to plant pepper


Bright, as if soaked through the sun, fruitsPepper, settled in your garden, are able to paint even the most gray autumn day. And, importantly, they can not only admire, but also eat, feeding their body with the necessary vitamins.

Peppery variety

In form and color, pepper is one of the most"Cheerful" and various vegetables: red, yellow, orange, purple or even black fruits grow in the form of an egg, a pyramid, a cone, a tomato, a proboscis and others.

If you decide to grow peppers, you should know,That distinguish two groups of varieties: acute and sweet. The main rule of growing is keeping the distance between different varieties: in case of too close a neighborhood, the bushes can pollinate each other, and the sweet pepper will turn into bitter. Ideal option - landing at opposite ends of the ridge with a distance of several meters.

When to plant

Growing peppers is not an easy task. Like any vegetable, he loves care, abundant watering and warmth. In order to establish your own pepper kingdom, you do not need to be the master of a vast garden.

Optimum time to start seedling forThe future plentiful harvest of pepper - the end of February. According to the lunar calendar of gardening, it is strongly recommended to sow peppers on the days when the moon is growing.

For seedlings, any dish is suitable. These can be pots, containers or boxes. The main condition - the presence of a hole for the drain of excess water, which can cause rotting roots. The soil for seedling pepper can be purchased or prepared independently. For this, one part of the compost or turf land, part of sand and two parts of humus will be needed. It would also be superfluous to add half a liter of ash to a bucket of such soil mixture. If such a recipe seems to you unnecessarily complicated, the usual turf ground with a sandy admixture will be quite enough. Even if you have acquired the soil in a trusted store, it is worthwhile to reinsure and disinfect it. This can be done by calcining, warming up or impregnating the soil with a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate.

How to plant

Prepared seeds are placed in heatedWith hot water the earth is 1-1.5 cm. The seeds are sown in small pots (12 by 12 cm) at the rate of 2-3 plants per pot or in boxes. After sowing the container is covered with a transparent film and sent to a warm place (+ 25 ... 30 ° С). After 2-3 days, when the top layer of the soil dries, you should start regular watering the soil with warm water. After 12-14 days, the first shoots will appear. To avoid unnecessary stretching of plants, the lighting should be improved and the temperature lowered to + 20 ° C for several days.

The appearance on the young shoot of 4-5 real adult leaves means that it's time to move to the open ground.

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