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What days does the church commemorate suicides?


From the perspective of the Church, suicide is consideredThe most serious sin. Suicides do not burial, do not serve for them, requiem for their souls do not pray during worship, and in pre-revolutionary Russia they were even buried outside the cemeteries.

The church does not pray for suicides
In the people there is a belief that the Church after allRemembers people who voluntarily passed away, only once a year - on the Sabbath, preceding the holiday of the Holy Trinity (this day of remembrance of the deceased is called the Trinity parental Saturday). This presentation comes from one of the hymns that are sung on this day in the temple, there really are words about people who committed suicide, but they are not mentioned by name.

The church does not pray for suicides ever - nor inWhat days, under no circumstances - and it is useless to beg the priests about it. The exception is those who committed suicide in a state of mental disorder, being unable to answer for their actions, and this is confirmed by a certificate from the doctor. Such people are remembered just like everyone else, but only with the written permission of the bishop.

Why not commemorate suicides

The church refuses to commemorate suicides, not because it does not grieve for their fate or does not sympathize with the grief of their loved ones. She does not do this for the same reason that she does not pray for the unbaptized.

God gives life to man, only He has the rightDecide when it will end - and no matter how much life is pleasant to a person. From the point of view of the Christian, earthly life is the path of trials that must be accepted with humility, understanding their significance for spiritual growth. By selflessly renouncing life and the trials that it bears, a person puts his will above the will of God, thereby demonstrating a world outlook that is absolutely inconsistent with Christian doctrine.

Such a person is outside the Church - likeUnbaptized, therefore, she can do nothing for him. Of course, other sins are put in such a situation, but at least they presuppose a principled possibility of repentance, a suicide deliberately cuts off this path. Priests do not undertake to affirm that for such people there is absolutely no hope - only God can know everything about someone's posthumous fate, but the suicide has to be completely entrusted to His will.

Prayer of prayer

The impossibility of church commemoration makesClose suicide people to seek at least some consolation in the cell - individual, domestic prayer. There is no direct prohibition on prayer for suicide in the Church, but it can be done only with the blessing of the confessor. However, the priests are reluctant to give such blessings, and there are serious reasons for that.

Prayer for a suicide to a certain extentBecomes a manifestation of pride: to the person who does this, it may seem that he is merciful to the Church or even to God Himself. In addition, by praying for someone, a Christian becomes involved in the state of that person's soul. The soul of a suicide leaves the world in a state of despair, despondency or even bitterness, hostility to God. This state can "catch" the one who prays for him, so the priests do not advise praying for suicides.

If the blessing of the priest is still received, you need to read the prayer of the Monk Leo of Optina. A good way to help the soul of a suicide is giving alms to the needy.

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