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What color to paint the walls in the kitchen


The choice of the color of the walls in the kitchen is a responsible,Because the more harmoniously chosen colors in a given room, the more pleasant it is to be. When choosing the right color scheme, you should consider not only the color of the furniture, but also the coloring of the walls in the other rooms of the house. I propose to consider the most appropriate options in which color you can paint the kitchen.

How to paint the walls in the kitchen

For painting the walls in the kitchen you need to chooseWear-resistant paint that will simultaneously protect the walls from moisture and allow them to "breathe", so you should give preference to either latex, or acrylic, or ceramic paint with a satin surface. When choosing a paint, it is necessary to pay special attention and marking on the banks. The fact that the paints are divided into classes, for example, "I" class means that the surface, painted with this paint, can be washed without any chemical means, that is, simply water. If the paint used "II" or "III" paints, then in this case, you can use chem. facilities. Recently, many prefer to paint the walls of the kitchen with water-based paint, but if you decide on this step, then do not be too lazy to choose a jar marked "washable".

As for the selection of the color of the paint, in thisCase it is worth remembering that warm colors increase appetite, invigorate, cold - soothe, soothe, and a variety of colors raises the mood, and just pleases the eye. Most people paint on walls in the kitchen prefer to use warm colors of colors, for example, all shades of yellow, orange, red. Such tones give the kitchen a special comfort.

Often in the interior of the kitchens you can see the "cold" walls, painted in blue, blue or purple. These shades are suitable for those who want to bring freshness to the interior.

Fans of the classics can be recommendedLook at neutral tones, for example, beige, gray, brown, white. If you paint the walls in the kitchen in any of these shades, in this case you can experiment with accessories and decorate the room with unusual bright things, or you can keep the severity of the interior.

If you want to make a special kitchen interiorA highlight, I advise you to paint the walls of this room at once in several colors, for example, the lower part - dark paint, and the top - light. It will be very interesting to look at various bright patterns on monochrome walls, made with the help of stencils.

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