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Which house is better to live in: wooden, brick or block


Choosing which house to build or in what houseBuy an apartment, the family usually adhere to three traditional options: brick, wooden or block house. Each type of house has its advantages and disadvantages.

Which house is better to live in: wooden, brick or block
When buying or building your own home, oftenThe question arises, which house to choose from - wooden, brick or block? If we are talking about our own separate house, then we have to choose between brick and wood, and an apartment in a multi-storey house, of course, will have to be chosen among block or brick houses. But what kind of materials are better than others?

Wooden house

Of course, if you choose the comfortLiving and environmentally friendly, nothing compares to a real wooden house. This house is cozy, it breathes easily, and most importantly - living in it is good for health. In the summer, such a house will bring coolness, and in winter it warms up well from the inside, keeping the heat. Negative aspects of such a dwelling will be the rapid aging of the tree and the complex process of its processing. The tree can rot, soak up water, dry up, so the wooden house is prone to deformation. In order to prevent this, you need to properly process the wood at the stage of building a house and return to the treatment every few years. In addition, wooden houses are more exposed to fire than others, they are quickly caught in fire and burned instantly.

Brick house

You can choose from a brick as a block of flats,And build an individual on your site. Brick is a great material for building a house. It is not as natural and breathable as a tree, but still in an apartment or a house made of bricks one can feel comfortable enough. Brick as well as the tree is very warm and gives heat in winter, while in summer it is relatively cool in brick houses. Sound insulation in such houses is not always perfect, it depends on the thickness and quality of the materials. However, it is much better than in block houses. The negative feature of houses made of bricks is that they are not too resistant to earthquakes. Therefore, in areas with increased threat of seismic activity, it will be better to choose houses of a different type.

Block house

Block houses are in this peculiar comparisonlast. These buildings do not contain natural materials, they consist of concrete and reinforcement. They are heated by the heat and do not warm in the cold. During construction, numerous disturbances can occur, leading to cracks in the joints, which further increases the risk of cooling the house during the winter. Sound insulation of similar houses is at a low level, allowing to hear all neighbors. However, this type of house is much more stable in case of an earthquake.

The greatest compromise between environmental friendliness,Quality and durability will be the choice of a brick house. For residents of large cities, there is another kind of compromise - the choice of a brick-monolithic house, consisting of both concrete structures and bricks.

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