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At what age does the child begin to have colic


Often babies suffer from colic - this is the pain in the abdomen, arising from the unformed infantile digestive system, adapting it to new food.

At what age does the child begin to have colic



Intestinal colic can occur quiteUnexpectedly in the first weeks of a child's life, are accompanied by his restless behavior, and in some cases by loud crying. For parents this is one of the most difficult periods, because The kid can practically not sleep, eat badly and shout for several hours without a break.


Usually colic begins with 2-3 weeks of lifeChild and lasts up to 3-4 months. At someone they are clearly expressed and happen every day, someone is just a little restless, well, some do not even know what it is. The reasons for their appearance are somewhat related mainly to the fact that the children's body is not yet accustomed to external conditions. For the child everything is new: food, water, air, the surrounding world.


To try to reduce the manifestation of colic,It is necessary to strictly monitor their nutrition - with breastfeeding, exclude from the diet all gas-producing products. If the baby feeds on the mixture, you must carefully approach her choice. At the same time, price is not always a priority; One can come one, and another - quite different, then as lucky, you will immediately find your own or have to try the whole range.


Ingestion of air, incorrect position whenFeeding can also cause the child painful sensations. In this case, the right bottles for feeding, the wearing of the baby in a vertical position after meals, periodic laying on the tummy and a slight massage clockwise - before you do it, read or review the recommendations of doctors.


If a child cries and does not calm downFor several hours, it is worth calling an ambulance to rule out other diseases. It is necessary to pass tests on a dysbacteriosis, lactose insufficiency, an egg-leaf, since In this case you need a special treatment. If everything is good, and the doctor confirmed that it is colic, then to ease the symptoms, you can give the baby herbal tea with fennel, chamomile, brew dill. Medications are also very helpful: Espumizan, Bobotik, Bebinos, etc., but, unfortunately, not all. On some children, no drugs are not effective, then you just have to be patient and wait. Usually after 3 months everything passes.

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